PS4 Has Won the Console War: Part Deux

PYB: The PlayStation 4 was clearly the undisputed champion by the end of 2014. 2015 began with high hopes that Sony’s monster console will continue destroying everything in its path. With official figures of 20.2 million sold, Sony has earned a new milestone with the PS4.

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joyride912769d ago

who can challenge the undisputed champ? Like Ali, the PS4 can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Who's next? Which console can really offer the PS4 any challenge?

DarkOcelet2769d ago

I doubt this gen a console will ever surpass the PS4. Maybe next gen things might change but who knows.

wodan2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

If SONY plan everything right from price to design(easy to develop for) i doubt anyone can match them just look at MS when they no longer have a head start or price advantage the gap have been growing to 8M in something like one year plus the X1 have gone from 500$ to 350$ in one year but it sales have never increased and the gap grow each months lets not forget that the actual install base fore the X1 is unknown because MS switched to shipped, sold to retails or soon to ship,to make their number seems better.

Ballsack2769d ago

With a ten million lead and the gap widening i agree with the title

Plus AAA games being released throughout the year..(bloodborne your next) and nothing really until the holidays for the xb1 are shooting themselves in the foot

mikeslemonade2769d ago

It was over at E3 2013 when Sony announced that the PS4 would be $399.99. I've been saying it and am surprised that most people didn't see that way.

slappy5082769d ago

dx12 tho
Power of the cloudz tho
42 countries tho

wakeNbake2769d ago

I own all the consoles, so really I won the console war.

UKmilitia2769d ago

if MS make another console i think they will have learnt alot from this gen.
They need to really listen to gamers and not force things upon us.
i hope they catch sony up this gen though because only us gamers benefit.

decrypt2769d ago

Must be a slow news day. More important question is where are the games?

PeaSFor2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )



sorry we can't hear you with BloodBorne approaching, dat stomping noise is just too much loud and heavy to care about everything else, but i will just assume that you are hating everything sony related as usual.

chrismichaels042769d ago

PS4 is an incredible console that deserves to be #1 in worldwide sales. The PlayStation brand has had some rocky roads here and there, but ultimately it has been consistently giving gamers the best gaming experiences for the past 20 years. PSone, PS2 and PS3 all ended their respective generations strong. We can already see the PS4 will be doing the same.

Blurmobjet2769d ago

Wait, when was this article written? I keep getting sent to an article written last year. Is that right?

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ScorpiusX2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Lol WOW, You do realize Ali did get his bell rung a few time and sometimes the floating and stinging like a bee was not always happening.
So this undisputed BS won't last just like Ali's.
just so u know.

CaptainObvious8782769d ago


MS will release all their games in November. The incompetent media will once again somehow forget the other 11 months of the year and declare MS are bringing the games. MS will make another insane bundle, almost giving away the console and win 1 maybe 2 months out of the year.

The usual suspects will crawl out from under the bridges for the first time in months and start beating their cheats, but then quietly slump back once January hits.

And the cycle repeats.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

September 2015

PlayStation 4 - 30 million

Xbox One - 15.5 million shipped

Total games sold

PlayStation 4 - 145 million games sold

Xbox One 75 million

Black Friday 2015

PS4 $349
Xbox $299

Total number of games including multiplatform games:

PS4 - 245

Xbox One - 163

And the PS4's list keeps growing every month.

2016 - Sony Computer Entertainment introduces PlayStation VR $199

And at the same time they'll announce another sales milestone that will have Xbox fanboys jumping off of curbs trying to end it all.

Zeref2769d ago

Lol project Morpheus $200

jcnba282769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

It's pretty sad when all you can brag about is sales.

MasterCornholio2769d ago

Dont forget about people bragging about games.


I lost count of the amount of times that people posted a link to list wars here.

poor_cus_of_games2769d ago

And better system. Faster system. Better games. More games. Ya see where I'm going with this.

slappy5082769d ago

No we also brag about playing games at 1080p

CryLessGameMore2769d ago

PS4 seem to be getting more games this year also

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2769d ago


"I lost count of the amount of times that people posted a link to list wars here."

I'll post it one more time just in case someone forgets.

nowitzki20042769d ago

"all"??? At least theres something to brag about I guess, Unlike the other side, waiting for E3 and hoping for miracles.

Spotie2769d ago

Yeah, just sales of hardware and software.

Oh, and a better reviewed library.

Oh, and a larger current and upcoming library.

Oh, and a better premium service.

Oh, and a stronger stable of developers.

Oh, and stronger hardware.

Oh, and better rapport with third parties and indies.

Hey wait...

3ndulg32769d ago

Lol true that's all they do is brag about sales and power nothing more nothing less.I feel sorry for the Sony camp.

BitbyDeath2769d ago

Games themselves are subjective but Sony definitely has won it in quantity and quality.

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MasterCornholio2769d ago

"Which console can really offer the PS4 any challenge?"

The PS5?


Sincere01212769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Lol is this a joke? The only thing ps4 has won is sales but most real gamers don't buy a console just to count sales, Gamers buy consoles for GAMES which is something ps4 doesn't have.

The little games Ps4 does have are broken or just crap. No creativity, no challenge, crappy and boring gameplay, interactive movies aka not really a game. Lol

Ps4 is the new Wii, casuals buying it cause its the popular thing to do and the games are easy and not challenging.

Wii U is winning this gen by far. Ps4 is not even close.

Wii U is for the real gamers
Ps4 for casuals

wodan2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

LOL what a load on nonsense the PS4 is selling the most because it have alot of games (exclusives- multis - indies) it is the only console with games for almost every market, there is games for NA, Europe and Asia (especially JPN), unlike the Xbone and Wii U, really love how you people pretend multiplatform games do not exist now that they are better on the PS4.

Blueraven3162769d ago

Lmao the wiiu? Nintendo is dead in the consoles race. Wii was a fluke and that's been proven now. Go play your games made for 10 year olds. Nintendo has been rehashing the same games for almost 20 years now.

CaptainObvious8782769d ago

*insert futurama meme*

Not sure if a troll account, or just really really REALLY doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

ger23962769d ago

If the wii u is for real gamers, then there must not be a lot of "real" gamers. Look how poorly it's selling.

DarXyde2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


Anyone who says Nintendo's games are for 10 year old's is very ignorant to what they're offering. Just because anyone can play them and they're not hyper violent doesn't mean they're "for 10 year olds". They're often for people who want to master the game they're playing. Go play Mario 3D World's Champion Road and come back and tell me how long it takes you to beat it. Nintendo has a habit of making games approachable by those willing to play but incredibly difficult to master. Is piano for 10 year olds? It can be, but it will take considerable practice to be a master.

You sound like one of those insecure gamers who needs violence and explosions to validate a game being good.

As for rehashing, Nintendo takes a different approach than Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo might be using familiar characters in new games, BUT they all play very differently. In essence, reinventing the wheel. With Sony and Microsoft, they do have new IPs, but it still feels done before. In essence, repainting the wheel (looks different, functions familiarly). I'm not complaining, but obviously they have different approaches. No need to berate Nintendo for being unorthodox, which I love about them.

I'm a gamer, not graphic content/online gameplay snob as you appear to be. The games don't exactly make it hardcore. If you're a gamer who casually plays Gears of War, you're casual. If you're a completionist who unlocks everything in your sports games and The Walking Dead, you're a hardcore gamer. Sounds to me like you're more about playing mature games instead of enjoying the games themselves. That's pretty casual.

PS, sincere0121, in case you think I'm agreeing with you, I'm not. I actually love the PS4. I've played the Wii U more last year but I'm getting back into my playstation ways.

magiciandude2769d ago

Let's be sincere with something, the Wii U is winning-Charlie Sheen style.

XisThatKid2769d ago

Just to be fair Iff enough buy a console I could easily say that I bought a console because all my friends have the that console, If their are more people that have one console the odds are that your friends have THAT console thus influencing my purchase.
Now "real gamers" have the habit of creating a community and these communities are based off players with similar setups and games and consoles and software.
What I'm saying is there are more PS4s in the world than X1s this influences some peoples purchase decisions, maybe not yours but believe it or not some people like playing with their friends. #ConsoleSalesDOMatter

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stragomccloud2769d ago

True true. And this gen proved that rhetoric sells consoles over all else. Once the avalanche starts. It doesn't stop. No matter the value. Good on you Sony! Let's get back in black!

N4g_null2768d ago

I'm still waiting for something I want to play on the ps4. So sony getting back in the black is good. Then they can make me a game and not a movie. Nintendo being last again is good too. Maybe the will find another factor 5 or rare from the indie scene or maybe create new ips to go head on with sony. Maybe they will get in the spec war next gen who knows.

Community is the real reason sony is winning. It's a similar thing that kept ms afloat. Yet once the others realize this and markets to this it could get interesting.

I'm happy for all 3 right now. I hope sony keeps the sales up and ms hololens really excuses and Nintendo keep rolling out my type of games like xenoblade, splatoon and bayo2. As long as they are all profitable so they all can try and make games for the older hardcore.

magiciandude2769d ago

The console war is not over, but the PS4 is winning so far. This could change depending on how well the Xbox One performs throughout this generation. The PS3 had a sketchy start due to many legitimate issues at launch, but eclipsed/surpassed the 360 as things improved drastically over the course of the generation. The same could also happen with the Xbox One, at least in the countries where the Xbox brand has strong recognition such as the North American and UK markets. The Wii U had very little chance since its reveal at E3 and now it sunk under both the PS4 and Xbox One, even though that console launched a year earlier.

So yeah, the PS4 is very likely to win, but that is not 100% guaranteed this early on. Many have thought the PS3 would always be third place but that didn't happen. PS4 better get some serious heavy hitters that doesn't only sell because of pure hype or eventually too many gamers will catch on and switch to the Xbox One, just like many have done so from the 360 to PS3.

XisThatKid2769d ago

I'm not ganna give a upvote or downvote to this simply because although true your comment is flawed.
Comparing the 360 and PS4 and PS3 and X1 is situational. PS3 outsold 360 almost every month due to it's support in other territories MS doesn't have such supports to this day. No matter what the popular opinion is, PS3 vs 360 sold for 7-8 years and counting The price gap was significant on a broad scale the PS3 sold more in the current day because It was more appealing to the world even with a price gap or it's rumored disadvantages ultimately helped win it's race along with a great library of games.
Sony will have to completely bastardize their current an potential fans AND MS has to ramp up their mass appeal in order for this to be even a race.

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reaperofsouls2769d ago

All hail the Domination station.

KingPin2769d ago

so now the console war is decided in the first 3 years...
dont get me wrong, i love my PS4 as much as any other owner but to call this gen "war" over mean MS and XBox one shold throw in the towel, scrap any future games, make a new console and release any current games they developing for the new console.

where have i heard that before..........ah yes. they said sony should do that when the 360 was miles ahead and the PS3 was lagging behind. by the end of the gen, PS3 had the best GAME of the gen, THE LAST OF US. so who knows, by the end of this gen, MS might pull something out of the hat.

paranoid19712769d ago

Except that the 360 had over a year head start and was always cheaper, also don't forget the overall sales for the 360 were bolstered by the huge amount of consoles replaced due to RROD.

MysticStrummer2769d ago

And despite all that, PS3 was closing the gap from the moment it was released, while the PS4>XB1 gap is only getting larger.

MysticStrummer2769d ago

"to call this gen "war" over mean MS and XBox one shold throw in the towel, scrap any future games, make a new console and release any current games they developing for the new console."

No it doesn't. It just means it's clear which is the most wanted console this generation.

MAULxx2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

That's really what was & is needed.
A whole system redesign from the ground up.
Not saying it's feasible, just saying they scewed up the design of this Xbox.
Hopefully they can come up with something more appealing with the Xbox Two.

kstap332769d ago

Yes, the sheeple have spoken.

MysticStrummer2769d ago

The sheeple were the ones lining up to swallow what MS originally tried to give them to swallow. At least the ones who held out until the unflippable switches were flipped had more backbone.

KingPin2769d ago

im not saying MS should give up on the xboxone, im just saying thats how this retarded media is making it out to be.

like "oh, this gen is over. ps4 won. lets all look to next gen from now. hopefully MS gets it right."

they did the exact same thing with the PS3. year launch ahead, after 3 years it was the PS3 is dead last. hard to program for, etc etc. sony should give up and make a ps4 instead.

its actually quite annoying.

XisThatKid2769d ago

I see what you mean but hasn't most of MS been trying to scrap or sell the Xbox franchise but the exec helmers keep coming from the Xbox division and or supporters? From What I understand Xbox brand isn't profitable enough for the all share holders to keep it on board and I can def see This or the next console the last one at least under the MS brand I see them selling it maybe to Amazon like they was talking about around a year or two ago. Maybe Google or even Apple.

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Thatguy-3102769d ago

When was the last time MS made a game to the caliber of The Last of Us? Honestly. Microsoft First party studio just can't.

q8kik2769d ago

Or Shadow of the Colossus for that matter.

KingPin2769d ago

last gen there hasnt been a game as great as the last of us. period. nothing on other consoles or even on pc. heck it was so good on ps3 i bought the game of the year edition on ps3 and the remastered version for ps4.

but that game just set a new benchmark, doesnt mean no game will better it. whether its MS or sony, i dont care. anything better than TLoU is a win for me.

i mean back in the day Deus-Ex was groundbreaking, still play it to this day, but now its been supassed by other games.

Professor_K2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Halo CE

Metascore 96

What now?

Disagree all yo want you wanted a caliber xbox game, there it is

Insomnia_842769d ago

The thing is, the 360 was NEVER miles ahead. The PS3 managed to surpass 360 in the long run being more expensive and releasing a year late.

The PS4 and XBone released at the same time and there's already an 8mil gap. What if the 360 and PS3 released at the same time? Take away the one year of sells the 360 had to itself and see the difference.

The XBone will NEVER catch up to PS4.


WelkinCole2769d ago

You forget one important thing. MS does not have Playstation.

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angelusbrz2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

The Xbox One can't compete, no real exclusive, more first party games on PC, lower resolution, bad management etc ...

Hope Microsoft won't fail for the Xbox two.

BigShotSmoov0072769d ago

By real exclusives what do you mean? What real exclusives does Sony have out and announced and how many more do they have over MS? MS have more exclusives announced really this year so far than the Playstation have. As far as resolution, look at this video and tell me if resolution between these consoles really mean anything:

And for the first party going to PC, I think it's a great idea especially if they are cross platform play like Fable Legends and Gigantic cause they gives us a big community of gamers to play with. Plus, you buy the game on PC and MS is still getting your money so really stubborn PS fanboys still funding MS whether they want to or not and the Xbox One will still sell cause there are gamers that don't game on PC period, so PC gaming will never be an option.

BigShotSmoov0072769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

It's nice you put up that number and graph, I don't rely on numbers, name all those games. Let's have a list of games that's actually been announced for both consoles. People love to live off graphs and pie charts but lets have real facts and name these games. How many AAA consoles exclusives coming out for both consoles this year and beyond, name all the indies coming out this year and beyond and actually games that have been announced and not the hopes, wish and dream games you want to come out on the PS4.

Ballsack2769d ago

Lol bigshot really is in lala land...i know its hard that your console of choice is ten million behind...but to now deny facts that mystic posted and then babble nonsense shows you need to chill out.

U state name games LISTWARS DOES, and guess what? Sony not only have more exclusives throughout this year..they have announced MORE..

Oh we do love listwars keeping track lol

BigShotSmoov0072769d ago

First off it's nice that your name is ballsack, very fitting. Secondly, my console of choice is all the consoles, I have a PS4, Wii U and a X1 so I don't have a choice unlike maybe you but I just find it funny how people always say X1 has no exclusives or X1 doesn't have as many as the PS4 where if I look at the list of upcoming games coming out this year, X1 has more announce triple A games coming than the PS4. Hell, the Wii U has more announced right now so before you just to conclusion on whether I or anyone has a preference of anything, ask before you assume cause normally when people do that, they make an ass out themselves.