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Rich and Jack play The Order 1886, a 9th grade creative writing assignment that some *sshole turned into a video game.

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meganick2769d ago

Wow, they really disliked it.

nicksetzer12769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Honestly, the issues they bring up are completely relevant. The gameplay issues have been harped on consistently, accurately and fairly. (despite what some on here would have you believe) What is funny are the people who say, "Well, this is a cinematic game;" and, well, the story isn't great. This review worries about the story being consistent and creating immersion, but even worse (for me) is the fact that you have no clue what is going on. for example(as I said before)

How did the order get the holy grail? How did the lycans become enemies of the order? How did the vampires become friends of the lycans? Who is "the company" and what is their role with the order, other than sending vampires to US and being the bad guy? What involvement does "the company" share with "the order?" How does one become a knight? Why did isabell (whose life was saved by galahad) not even ask for an explanation of his actions, and instantly decide to hunt him down? Why didn't galahad try to defend himself in court? What was it that perceval knew, and what secret was he telling tesla? Etc, etc, etc.

To be clear I am nowhere near as cynical about the game as the above videocasters are, but The game is not being reviewed unfairly, people aren't just being haters and people aren't ONLY striving for hits. I am glad to see someone point out the issue with the "well the gameplay isn't that important for this kind of game." It makes me worried because if this game continues to get defended to death

1. The sequel will be just as bland. I want a sequel, and I want a sequel that resolves the issues of the original.
2. Other games will follow suit and we will get subpar game with avg stories and half baked gameplay.

Games of this genre and type are great, and frankly needed. This game, however, is just an, at best, decent addition to the field and is certainly not something we should encourage. I am glad this video addresses that.

SamPao2769d ago

You are posting this all ober the place. Just shows how insecure you are about your "opinion"

nicksetzer12768d ago

All over the place? I posted this once. (other than describing the story, as it is the same story, there is only so much story to describe) Since when is stating an opinion being "insecure?"

You literally made no argument to support your comment, you just insult and belittle my comment rather than post anything that actually gives creedence to anything you feel. You are just hoping others blindly read your comment and blindy proceed to believe you. Sadly on this site filled with users void of logic, so you get agrees.

The fact you have to create a delusional statement like you have and offerred nothing in response to my comment is sad. Apparently being a mindless robot who just says "but your a fanboy" or "you're just a hater" or "obviously hasn't played the game" etc instead of having an actual intellectual response is now an n4g go to.

AudioEppa2769d ago

I heard about this video, the good people over at NeoGaf hate it.

Gaf loves the order, I think it's there game of the year so far.

JWiLL5522769d ago

I read through a lot of the OT over there and have to disagree.

There's a good amount of people who enjoyed The Order for what it is and are excited about the potential going forward for the series. You're not getting any "this game is incredible" type reactions.

A lot of hope for an "Uncharted 2" type leap, which is basically the best case scenario.

AudioEppa2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

well it's good to see somebody who caught on to my joke.

Trust me I know how some of gaf feel about the order, you would think the developers massacred their whole family the way they hate this game lol I find it amusing how any positive or defending of this game gets shut down.

The reason I find it amusing is because people don't realize how hypocritical it is, people like or love this game an don't like seeing it get trashed, they are literally fighting to have more of something they enjoy even if it's against what others are trying to dictate as wrong for gaming.

it's amusing because the roles have been reversed, I'm sure if you're on the Internet there's been plenty of times people don't understand or get why you like something so you feel yourself having to defend it when the majority hates it. This is one video game that some dont like and is the same game others do like. I hope more games are like the order, or more from the order.

Critics don't hide the fact that they don't want video games to be like the order and hope to never see another game of its kind and if it was that easy to say something shouldn't be allowed then I can say games i don't particularly care for not be made as well? who would matter? the majority or a few voices?

The funny thing is, this is not a serious subject but people who hate this game have this on edge attitude about anyone who doesn't view the order as a bad video game. from myself personally I don't care for gameplay first, just make it decent. Games like Demon's Souls or bloodborne or 8bit game #1000000 or whatever people are calling true gameplay games bore me.

My taste in games changed from the days of playing Super Mario Brothers and a lot of people are the same, we all don't need to enjoy the same thing and its stupid for people to say what shouldn't be gaming because they don't like it, if they don't like it then it's just something they don't play.

maniacmayhem2769d ago

They really dissect a lot of the flaws I saw in the game. And they make some good points about how broken the story really is, since people here want to only review this game on how cinematic it is then they should listen to these guys.

NovusTerminus2769d ago

Right, I'll disregard the fun I had on the game and follow the reviewers!

bnoyes2769d ago

The reviews can't take away the fun you had, but the fun you had doesn't change the fact that it is a poorly developed game in nearly every way that matters to most people who care about gaming.

OB1Biker2769d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

No you can't say you enjoy the gameplay and the storytelling/setting etc like I did.
People will say we defend this game 'to death' /s
Edit: I'm usually critical of stories and how things make or don't make sense in movies for example but this is still a video game and as a video game bending common sense to shoot hundreds of people for example as a TPS you need shoot stuff don't you?
Many points unanswered and of course its on purpose and a sequel was obviouisly meant to put more lights. Also interested in chracters development etc

OB1Biker2768d ago

I don't know who said to review it only on 'how cinematic it is' but they are wrong.
The point is this game has been marketed as cinematic experience so its funny to see in reviews things like 'too much cinematic' (and actually often ignoring what's good in the shooting gamepay)
But enough with all the articles about one game really come on. Don't know why all the media keep focusing on it.

Spotie2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

You're ridiculous. Somehow, you fool the othes into believing your ridiculousness.

This review? Done by idiots. That they can't seem to place The Order's alternate history without referencing steampunk- as if that's the only such alternate history that's ever existed- tells you so much about these guys, right off the bat.

They're nitpicking Tesla because he MODIFIED a gun for you, rather than giving you something outlandish at the start?

Galahad's a boring action protagonist? Really?

Sorry, but while you may champion this review as the perfect example of how to troll this game, I can't take these guys any more seriously than I take you when it comes to ANYTHING Sony. That is to say: not in the slightest.

If I could, I'd report myself for Personal Attacks if only to deny you the satisfaction, but it's more than tiring to see some people around here troll and fanboy it up and NOTHING happens. You've been trolling and slamming this game from the start, and you continue to do so. Your hypocrisy is astounding, with you even going as far as to ADMIT you don't have a problem with people attacking the game, even though you'll defend other games and attack those that defend this one.

The only thing worse than the stupidity of people like you isn't that other people fall for it. It's that people that know better and are in a position to put and end to it do nothing instead.

AudioEppa2768d ago

That.. That was a beautiful read.

maniacmayhem2768d ago


These so called idiots have more credibility than you will ever have in your entire lifetime.

Notice how people, critics and reviews who didn't enjoy this game point out its many flaws with actual examples taken from the game. While those who defend it religiously like you can only say reviews are biased, go around telling others they never played it or calling people trolls. This makes me believe that it's YOU who never played the game.

It also brings a huge smile to my face knowing that you actually think I would care for anything at all Sony. All because I don’t go around dancing and singing their praise in every N4G article about Sony. That is what makes you truly entertaining Hicken, like a horribly animated Saturday morning cartoon.

They're nitpicking Tesla because the first thing a brilliant scientist such as himself has to offer you is a magnifying glass on top of a rifle. Does that sound like something a Tesla or anybody of his genius caliber would be bothered to give you against werewolves and vampires?

“Galahad's a boring action protagonist? Really?”

Yes Hicken, really. Do you have a counter point to their argument that could prove them wrong? No...nothing?

You’re just going sit there and shake your fist at the screen but not counter any points they make. Just call them idiots and accuse me of trolling? That just goes to show how truly awful this game is. YOU can’t counter not ONE of their points in the review.

My hypocrisy? Please provide proof of this Hicken. I and others have been catching you in lies and flip flopping for so long that you are just itching to turn those tables around but can’t. Unlike myself and others who have proof and posted links of you in Titanfall and Ryse articles slamming those game and ripping on them but now, those same slams for The Order are burning you up. Now you go around attacking anyone who doesn’t like The Order accusing them of never playing the game or trolling, but waitaminute…

“Sorry, but I don't have to play a game to know it's not for me”

“I have a pretty damn good grasp on what I do and don't like, so given enough info, I don't necessarily need hands-on time to decide.”

“It's amazing how people can't even be disappointed anymore.”

LMAO, how can you even sit there and accuse anyone of anything. I wish I had time to show you your Ryse comments. They are equally damaging. Hell, you even admitted to being a hypocrite.

“to see some people around here troll and fanboy it up”

The sad part is, THIS IS ALL YOU DO Hicken. You spend 98% of your time defending Sony, going after so called Xbox fanboys who troll Sony articles, calling everyone names who have a less than valued opinion of Sony, PS or PS games. All you do is fanboy it up. That my friend is the most ridiculous part of this conversation, that you don’t see this at all.

You are a very unhinged individual Hicken, you are unable to discuss anything that involves Sony in a calm, rational or even in an intelligent manner. You resort to insults, anger, name calling and then yell to the world that you’re a victim and why isn’t anyone helping me.

berndogskate2769d ago

Two idiots, what a rubbish review.

Tedakin2769d ago

Red Letter Media is great if you've never watched their stuff, even if you don't like this particular review. Their movie stuff is fantastic. Half in the Bag. Best of the Worst. The Star Wars Plinkett Reviews, etc.