Is Kingdom Hearts 3 Voice Acting Finished With Leonard Nimoy Passing?

The Kingdom Hearts world was saddened and shocked to hear that two favorites Leonard Nimoy & Chikao Otsuka have passed away one month apart. The news had many fans wondering if voice acting for Kingdom Hearts 3 had already been completed.

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iamtehpwn2770d ago

I'm extremely sadden by his Nimoy's death, and I am very disappointed he won't be around to voice Xehanort in Kh3. Sadly, there's not a chance the voices had already been recorded as the scenario for KH3 isn't even finalized yet entirely

Eamon2770d ago

Both the english and japanese voices for Master Xehanort have passed away.

vork772770d ago

It is sad about his passing but remember the original mickey voice actor pass and they all continued and got a new mickey

Capt-FuzzyPants2769d ago

I think Leonard Nimoy's voice was a bit more distinct though.

vork772769d ago

really because i did not know he voice in kingdom hearts until know

hkgamer2769d ago

troy baker to replace nimoy?

Hold_It2769d ago

Troy is too Hollywood, he only does projects with ND now.

Sevir2769d ago

He'd be perfect! As he's worked with Square a few times

hkgamer2769d ago

not sure what you mean by too hollywood. i mean nd isn't hollywood neither is video games.

i mean replacing an hollywood actor to play a role in a disney game is more hollywood than being in projects with nd.

One-Shot2769d ago

Didn't realize Arkham Knight and and MGS was being made by Naughty Dog...../s

Revengeance2769d ago

Umm he voiced Joker in Arkham Origins

He voiced Talion in Shadow of Mordor

He voiced Kanji in Persona 4.

He's not too Hollywood and he's not exclusive to ND.

rainslacker2769d ago

Troy Baker does so many games it's not even funny. Most of the time you wouldn't even know it was him. He does many voices in fighting games, ND games, he's doing a transformers TV show, gonna be in the next batman game, and so on.

Check out this portfolio

Eamon2769d ago

The real question is if Troy Baker can portray an old man's voice.

Nimoy voiced Master Xehanort perfectly partly due to the fact that he and his character were elderly people.

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Dagexon2769d ago

Boy is this really sad, I was especially upset when I found out about Nimoy's death as I was actually coincidentally playing kingdom hearts a the time. Anyway I'm just hoping that Nimoy (and Otsuka) have done a fair amount of work already towards the game so that they will still be able to contribute towards the game just as it would be nice to hear their voices once again for a lot of the fans. And even if not they at least deserve some sort of appreciative message in the games's credits or something :)