Defunct Games Reviews La-Mulana EX (PS Vita)

Defunct Games reviews La-Mulana EX for the PS Vita. Inspired by side-scrolling action games on old cartridge-based consoles, this is a challenging adventure with a number of flaws. Find out if these flaws are too much to overcome when you read this brand new review.

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10 Games That are Best on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Thanks to the timing of the Vita’s release and its relative power compared to the home consoles at the time (PS3 & Xbox 360), it saw the benefit of a number of these late ports which have remained the ‘definitive’ versions to this day. It’s these games that I’m aiming to look at in this article – titles that are best on Vita by virtue of extra bells and whistles, tweaked controls, and content, or in some cases just a general feeling that Sony’s portable hardware is the most enjoyable way to play."

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Jimboms1547d ago

Ooh, Virtua Tennis 4 for the win!

telekineticmantis1547d ago

Gravity Rush, still great, but the screen aiming made it better on Vita


It's a lonely but fun place - Top 10 PlayStation Games Stranded on Vita Island

"When PlayStation Vita released in 2012, expectations were high as Sony's previous handheld (PSP) was quite successful even if it could never quite match with Nintendo's handheld juggernauts." - Tyler Hall from Video Chums

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ZaWarudo1966d ago

Soul Sacrifice seriously needs another entry.

1966d ago
Fist4achin1966d ago

I would have added Killzone Mercenaries to the list. Overall, good list.

Lexreborn21966d ago

It’s not stranded until 2019, if people really wanted to get some great experiences out the way then they’d buy it. But there are so many stubborn people that made their mind up that won’t happen.

You can go on eBay, OfferUp it any social market place and get one from 70-120 WITH memory card and the games are dirt cheap. But I bet people feel like buying their 5th 3DS for 200 plus because of its color is better then checking out great games.

I guess it’s not always about the games

execution171966d ago

I could just never find one after I got a stable income, could find games all over the place though

rainslacker1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Quite a few of the games aren't dirt cheap. Guess it depends on what you like though. The Japanese anime games tend to hold their value quite well.

One can get digital games pretty cheap a lot of the time, and if they were smart, they'd have added all those vita games on PS+ over the years, and have quite an impressive backlog when they get their system.

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La-Mulana EX Collector’s & Standard Edition Available Today For PS Vita

La-Mulana EX is available today for PS Vita as both a Collector’s and Standard  Edition exclusively at Limited Run Games at 10 AM Eastern Time.

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