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Relientk771178d ago

Can't wait to play Grow Home

bouzebbal1178d ago

haha i've been waiting for super time force ultra for a year. Shu as a playable character is worth gold

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dantesparda1177d ago

"No playable character will make this game playable."

Why, whats wrong with it?

DragoonsScaleLegends1177d ago

I'm just glad what I voted for won and I still have my PS3 so I can finally play the newest Twisted Metal game.

Malphite1177d ago

In that case you should check out Teslagrad if you like 2D platformers with interessting puzzles. I have it on PC and it's a really great game.

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twiggytree121177d ago

Very excited for grow home as well :)

IamTylerDurden11177d ago

I was hoping for Zombie Vikings instead, it's just more game than Grow home.

I am soo happy with the free games, i would've like ZV but it's a fantastic list regardless.

STFU and La Mulana are terrific games, especially with the additions of Sir Galahad, Journey, & Shu as playable characters in STFU. Every game looks good.

ramiuk11177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

gutted i wanted zombie. oh well no games for me this time round,but i do have a few im currently playing so isnt a great issue.

lipton1011177d ago

Stick it to the man was great. When I saw the same developer I voted for zombie Vikings.

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Neonridr1178d ago

digging the indie games we get this month for PS4.

chrisco84au1177d ago

Agreed, indie or not, as I have said many times. A GOOD GAME IS A GOOD GAME!!!!

I love a good AAA game but also love a great Indie game, positives and negatives in everything. People can complain, oh yay more indies, or they can appreciate the QUALITY of the indies being offered.
Plus, when an amazing Indie is offered on Plus (pretty much every month), it's usually 4-5 hours long. The PERFECT length to play in between a 30 - 100+ hour AAA game. Win/Win. Glass half full and all that.

Another month, another batch of games to add to the back log. Not a bad thing at all.

Although I think Grow Home will be getting some playtime straight away, heard great things about it.
Also happy with Teslagrad, was going to grab it when it was on sale a few weeks ago, waiting has paid of this time.

I don't know, I just don't get how Playstation owners can complain about the quality, quantity and variety offered with PS Plus. It baffles me, but I'm a simple guy. Happy to receive games each month I may not have otherwise taken the opurtunity to play (no they are not 'free' we pay a subscription blah blah blah)

Now to peel myself away from Rocket League.......

Neonridr1177d ago

agreed. I don't know if I got so many disagrees because lots of people aren't happy with the offerings or if it is because I used the word indies in my comment.

A good game is a good game, regardless if says Nintendo, Naughty Dog or some small unknown independent developer.

I just love the platformers this month.

lipton1011177d ago

There were some truly great ones - rocket league, race the sun, stick it to the man, outlast, limbo, counterspy, etc. but others I just can't get into. I hated binding of Isaac, don't starve, never alone, and countless others that came out. I have very particular taste and I just chalk it up to different strokes for different folks. For example, I can sit on a hill in DayZ for an hour, just watching a town for signs of movement for something to shoot at but 2d platformers be damned! All comes down to personal preference. I never got into gaming until 3d games came out, and with the exception of only a few exceptional platformers, they just never struck my fancy, even as a young child. I've always craved realism but to each their own.

SmokingMonkey1178d ago

Super Time Force Ultra!!

Play As Shu!

Can't wait for this on my Vita!!

JamesBroski1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Awesome, I'm looking forward to play all of those games!

butchertroll1178d ago

Teslagrad is a great game. Super Time Force Ultra looks neat. Also voted for Grow Home.

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