New Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha now available to download for windows and mac

Get your Flak Cannons at the ready it’s Monster kill time.

The new Unreal Tournament pre alpha is now available to download for windows and mac. if your wish to download there is a link

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mikeslemonade2768d ago

What a suprise! I can only use a controller I'm gonna be wrecked.

Mwally292768d ago

Same i am so used to playing a shooter with a controller now. i think it is time for me to go back to the way shooters are meant to be played with this one, mouse and keyboard time :D moooooonsterrrr Kiiillll

BudokaiGamer2768d ago

When you get used to it KB and Mouse is much easier and better.

Mwally292768d ago

I know I played only pc about 16 years ago. Counter strike, half life and team fortress classic all the way 😝

crazychris41242768d ago

Looks good and I cant believe its free. People with high refresh rate and low response time monitors will have a huge advantage since its so fast paced.