PAX East 2015 – Dev’s Explain Why We Haven’t Seen Any Just Cause 3 Gameplay

During the PAX East Panel, Game Director Roland Lesterlin said that they are not showing any in-game footage yet because they want to do things “the right way,” he continued to say that they wanted to put all of the finishing touches on the game and make sure it was polished before they actually show it to everyone in motion. “It’s coming and it’s worth it.”

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Scatpants2768d ago

I can't wait for this game. I loved the last one. Hopefully this one has some crazy multiplayer modes.

crazychris41242768d ago

They said no official multiplayer but they will help out the modders behind Just Cause 2 multiplayer

Scatpants2768d ago

Waaaah? I figured after the success of the mod for part 2 they would add it to part 3. I guess it's too much extra work. Still super hyped for it.

crazychris41242768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

Thought they would show off gameplay at GDC since they released a trailer a couple weeks ago. Guess I'll just take a 30 minute train ride to NYC to get it myself, I'm sure they will let me right in.

Heyxyz2768d ago

I can't wait for some gameplay! The devs can take their time, because you can't rush perfection.

Meltic2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

You dont need to show us a ''polished game'' when its in development. Naught dogs Uncharted 4 was allso not ready with that falling into the sky bug but still they showed us Amazing gameplay. Just give us the fans a gameplay video of 2-10 min gameplay to satisfied us. Thats all we need for now... cant wait to see some footage