Cliff Bleszinski Shows First Footage of Project Bluestreak

Boss Key Productions, the new home for Cliff “Gears of War” Bleszinski’s Project Bluestreak showed off the first in-game footage at their panel at PAX East today. Our own Evan Lahti was in the audience with a cell phone and a rock-steady camera hand.

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ic3fir32387d ago

Unreal Tournamente with ninjas? i liked =D

3-4-52387d ago

Spiritual successor to Unreal Championship 2 ?

mikeslemonade2387d ago

It's the next Unreal Tournament. Looks like the Shangri la.

I can use a Unreal game. I'm tired of COD being the best. No other competition to push COD.

4Sh0w2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Ha, I don't know if the first *real footage of Project Bluestreak will or will not be impressive but this was certainly a failed tease for me. Maybe the next trailer will actually show something.

FreakyFox2387d ago

I cant see this being anything to do with Unreal Tournament, because it is already being made by Epic Games.


guitarded772387d ago

I see... guns, guns, guns, guns, detailed environment, guns, guns, guns. Seems like a Cliffy B game to me.

nowitzki20042387d ago


You just made me spit out my drink

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starchild2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Graphically that looks incredibly good. If they can maintain similar graphics for the final game, call me impressed.

Bigpappy2387d ago

Yeah. He definitely has a good graphical artist working with him. lets see what else is in the package. The good knows what a good game is though, so I have a felling he will do quite well with this project.

BinaryMind2387d ago

Something rubs me the wrong way about an American team making a Japanese-styled game.

abstractel2387d ago

Japanese make games set in western environments, don't get that complaint? Should we all just get inspired by what's inside our own borders? No can make Viking games except Scandinavia?

BinaryMind2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

They can do whatever they want but they are bound to miss the mark, just like all those terrible American ninja movies in the past.

DragonKnight2387d ago

Demon's/Dark Souls/Bloodborne can be seen as pretty much a western medieval fantasy genre created by Japanese devs. If they can do it, American devs can do the opposite.

Loktai2387d ago

The japanese have this coming ever since Mario Brothers.... seriously its SO inaccurate, the turtles wandering around my house near the pipes sticking inexplicably into the air in at different heights slide way less when I step on them, I Mean there IS friction after all! And there are way fewer coins.

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Relientk772387d ago

Wanna see more, but I like the tease

Iluvtrim2387d ago

Coming soon to XBO. Stay tuned.

--bienio--2387d ago

Haha Im Pc gamer but I need to say Yes. Why?? Because im expect Quentum Break for My Pc:)

Zeref2387d ago

I can tell you right now.

Quantum Break is not coming to PC.

dcbronco2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Zeref QB is a game that features graphics as a major selling point. I would bet it is using DX12 and games made on 12 will work across all Windows 10 platforms. QB will be on PC because it cost them nothing to do so.

On the other hand all PC games moving forward should appear on Xbox One for the same reason. Microsoft has made it clear it's up to the developers all GDC. They say they will not involve themselves in what goes on what platform. Great for PC and Xbox. Fable is a sign of things to come.


They addressed that issue by saying the user could choose. If they wanted to just have fun with friends and were on different platforms they could. But the option would be there in the settings to limit what your session used.

Xavior_Reigns2387d ago

The "flames" are strong with you eh LOL!

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_-EDMIX-_2386d ago

I know right...the best thing as a XONE fan to hope for is another company making a game for you.

No faith in MS game studios huh? LMFAO!


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Pintheshadows2387d ago

It is very pretty. Curious as to how it will stack up against the new UT. Cliffy knows map design, that is for sure. I remember playing his maps from PC Gamer UK's demo discs.

I hope the pace is high.

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