Fable Legends Xbox One Preview – PAX East 2015 | Twinfinite

Fable Legends was on show at PAX East this weekend and so far, it looks like Lionhead are doing the game justice to say they've changed to a free-to-play format.

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Foehammer2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


Good to hear the game shaping up well

qwerty6762387d ago

really looking forward to this game

the 4v1 concept is intriguing.

Spid3r62387d ago

This game should be fun...I welcome the addition of PC gamers.

WCxAlchemist2387d ago

Im in the Beta but lionhead dont want us saying anything yet they have playable at Pax huh....

The game looks Gorgeious 1st off the game itself runs smooth and plays great.plenty of replay value because loot drops and ugrading/ leveling up your character. If you long time Fable fans expect yuor traditional Fable this aint it but the humor is there.Lots of Fun.