Killer Instinct Season 2 will receive new character 'Hisako', a Shadow and Story mode

During PAX East developer Iron Galaxy held a Killer Instinct panel for the upcoming 2nd season of the fighting title and revealed some new details for the title.

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Mikefizzled2385d ago

She looks awesome and if this shadows system is implemented properly it'll help me how to improve my game like nothing else.

Sonyslave32385d ago

Her grab move is freaking awesome that shet had me jumping up and down.

Insomnia_842385d ago

Amazing how they managed to sell an unfinished FIGHTING GAME in pieces(seasons)

Tedakin2385d ago

Because it's frickin' amazing.

Sonyslave32385d ago

But I bet u love dead of alive 5 last round on your ps3 or ps4 .

Fireseed2385d ago

Because waiting to release everything at once would be sooo much better... /s Glad to play things as soon as they're ready.

PunisherRevenge2385d ago

Isn't Sony doing the same with Drive Club right now?

StrayaKNT2385d ago

Maybe because its one of the best fighting games ever made and us fans cannot wait for them to completly finish the game.

whoyouwit042385d ago

you mean like Sony did doing with Drive club? Oh wait KI worked day one.

christocolus2385d ago

Dude stop. you are in every xbox article trolling.

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Fireseed2385d ago

Love the looks of that command grab, but my poor Aganos is gonna get his massive punches parried :(

aviator1892385d ago

the shadows feature sounds really cool.
it's like drivatars, right?

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