Xbox Live Games With Gold For January 2017

Major Nelson - "For the month of January, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games - two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360."

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Septic758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

Not as great as this month (esp with Lost Odyssey being free) but still decent. Got KI season 2 already- beastage in the yeastage

christocolus758d ago (Edited 757d ago )

Yeah. Lost Odyssey was a pleasant surprise. Cod black ops 2 will be on sale on the 22nd.I hope they'll add it to BC soon.

darthv72758d ago

I just dl killer instinct (44gb) the other day and it only had one playable character. This season 2 freebie should unlock several for me to try. does unlocking a specific season (in this case season 2) also unlock the previous season's content?

ApexWolf22758d ago

Did the post the list up already ? Or are you from the future ?

KillBill757d ago

@ApexWolf22 - seriously? Just don't even reply if you don't click on the post to read the full story. How can you ask if they posted the list up already when this is the list they are posting up?

Christopher758d ago

Good month for me. Don't own any of the games.

gangsta_red758d ago

I should just wait on KI season 3 seeing as how MS is giving it away.

Good month for me too, the only game I have is Rayman Origins.

AngelicIceDiamond758d ago

Passing on next month. They already gave away Rayman on X1 a while back.

darthv72758d ago

Yeah, rayman legends. This is the first game of the two and still very fun.

lxeasy758d ago

I've never heard of Deathtar and I already have KI season 2. I heard good things about the cave and I have Raymond. Hmm not much in there in there for me this month.

XanderZane757d ago

And Outlast was also free. Still some great games. Not sure if I ever bought KI Season 2 or not. I'll have to check. If not, I'll get it. I think I already own The Cave on both PS4 and XB1. Need to double check that as well. Don't have DeathTrap or Rayman Origins. Now I do.

No, you have to purchase Season 1 of Killer instinct or else you are stuck fighting all the other character with just one character. It should be pretty cheap now though.

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SegaGamer758d ago

I have the 360 games but not the Xbox One games. Good games.

whitesoxfalife1976757d ago

still add them to your account that when you do get an X1 you will games for it without buying any to start..

Yohshida758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

Games with Gold - The Service that won't let you down!

Specter229758d ago

Really? It's let me down plenty of times. January being one of them.

Yohshida758d ago

Straight outta salt lake city

Specter229757d ago

Yup salty that's me. Mind you if these were playstation plus releases I'm sure you'd be calling them cheap choices.

Razrye2758d ago

It's let me down plenty of times. You mustn't play much

Specter229757d ago (Edited 757d ago )

Can't tell if your being sarcastic or not.

christocolus758d ago (Edited 758d ago )

I've only played KI and it's amazing. I've got rayman legends but i've heard good things about rayman origins too. I haven't played any of the others and I can't wait to try them all out. Owning a 4TB ext Hdd sure comes in handy also I just realised they are giving out KI sn2 ultra edition. Those still on the fence need to jump on this. Amazing fighting game.

Jmanzare758d ago

Legends comes with origins

christocolus757d ago

Legends has some of the stages from Origins but not the entire thing.

Jmanzare757d ago

It has 40 of the best levels hand picked and remastered.

Automatic79758d ago

Great selection of titles. I have KI season 2 but the rest are welcome treats.

Kribwalker758d ago

I have season 2 as well but I didn't buy the ultra edition so those extra items are a bonus

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