Visceral Games keen on continuing Dead Space “at a later date”

GCO: "In a recent interview with, Visceral Games general manager Steve Papoutsis talked about the future of the Dead Space franchise."

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DarkOcelet2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

"Right now we’re currently busy with Hardline and other stuff"

You mean Hardline and Star Wars. Guess that means we wont be seeing Dead Space 4 until late 2017.

SniperControl2764d ago

If Dead Space 4 is anything like Dead Space 3, they can keep it.

DarkOcelet2764d ago

I am pretty sure they learned their lesson. Dead Space 4 should go back to its root again. While Dead Space 3 weapon crafting was genius, the hordes of enemies and the less scary elements bogged the game down a bit. It felt like it was designed as a co-op game.

Hopefully in the next game Isaac is alone in his adventure.

Roccetarius2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I hope they make it more like Dead Space 1, while they find different ways for enemies to spawn and attack you. It was too predictable to see where enemies would appear mid game, because you counted the ventilations each time.

Dead Space 3 was pretty much designed as a co-op microtransaction game. If the crafting system wasn't made with cash-in idea in mind, then maybe it would've been something better.

Unfortunately, thanks to EA, Visceral is forced to add a online mode to the game if they make a DS4.

-Foxtrot2764d ago

Even then they ruined the story with the third game

Reboot time EA

bouzebbal2764d ago

DS3 was amazing.. what did you think was wrong with it? It's a great action game.

story? what story does DS have anyway? it's all about gameplay.

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hiredhelp2764d ago

No DICE handing Star wars.?
On topic Please do make another DS despite the critics Ive enjoyed them all and grown few more grey hairs.

Benoski2764d ago

DICE is just one studio working on a Star Wars game.

Visceral is working on one too, and so is BioWare.

hiredhelp2764d ago

Thx for that correction wow 3 star wars

wakeNbake2764d ago

Pretty excited for hardline, that hit detection OH LAWD.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2764d ago

Oh man I can't wait to see a current gen Dead Space. Dead Space 1 and 2 are two of my favorite games of all time. Please make it more like DS 2 and not 3 I don't want co op at all this time.

weirdo2764d ago

Deadspace 2 was fantastic! 3 was vile.

Roccetarius2764d ago

Dead Space 2 only had one terrifying part in the game, and that was only if you played the first game beforehand. Other than that it was a good action game.

gamerfan09092764d ago

Still better than the Order 1886.

deadpoolio3162764d ago

Dead Space 3 was far from vile, and wasn't that different than Dead Space 2...Must have forgotten about those quick time event boss fights, ammo everywhere and focus on action that was in Dead Space 2.....

And IF you want to cry about microtransactions, I beat the game by myself 4 times crafting everything without ever once having to purchase part packs, so yeah people that want to cry about those just want to cry

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