I Miss Game Rentals

The days of Blockbuster were more precious than we remember.

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crazychris41243332d ago

I miss game rentals too. Used to do it with every game that my local family owned video store had that I was also interested in. There arent that many options for renting games and demos are hard to find since most companies these days are scared to release demos because they think they will lose money.

ArchangelMike3332d ago

Yeah, I miss my local blockbuster. Friday nights with the kids was all about going to blockbuster, renting a movie and a game, getting lots of popcorn and sweets and having a great evening.

Digital doesn't quite have the same excitment factor about it. :(

Stiffler3332d ago

I'm in the same boat. I truly miss the days of game rentals. I've seen 3-4 local rental stores actually shut because renting is on the way out.

I had some great times hiring games, seeing if it's worth a buy. Good times now past.

Great piece.

2pacalypsenow3332d ago

Its not the same as walking down to your local Blockbuster and looking at their Selection

Mega243332d ago

Gamefly doesn't ship outside of U.S. which sucks, I've been checking it every year to see if they change their policies, with no luck.

Macdaddy713332d ago

Gamefly....to buy a game is awesome, to rent a game Sucks bad,.. It takes me 3weeks to get a game from gamefly....
We go to family video love renting, red box cost to much for games,

TotalSynthesisX3331d ago

Three weeks? Holy crap. I usually get mine in 2-3 days. o_o

GamingSinceThe80s3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Just go to Gamestop and buy any used games and make sure to return them within 7 days,making all your rentals 100% free!And giving them nothing in return at the same time,it's a real win win deal!lol From early Dec to mid Jan you have about a 3 month window to return them I do it every year because of the shear amount of games that come out at that time.Some I end up keeping but only when they do a buy 2 get 1 free sale that's when I return them and buy them back again.

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mochachino3332d ago

Who doesn't. I would have enjoyed graphical splendor of The Order by now. I'll just have to wait for a price drop it seems.

VJGenova3332d ago

I've been checking redbox availability. Going to try to pick it up next today or next weekend. Figure for $3 I can crank it out in 2, 4 hour sittings. Can't wait!

monkey6023332d ago

They're too busy bitching about it costing all of a tenner.