High Street and Supermarkets Still Dominate Boxed Games Market

Gamer Headlines writes: I’d like to think that we UK gamers are quite savvy when it comes to finding the best deal when buying games. And let’s face it; everything is generally cheaper online from the vast number of websites like Amazon, ShopTo, Zavvi, Game Collection and deal forums like HotUkDeals when comparing prices to high street stores like Game, HMV, Argos or the local supermarket.

Well gamers, it would seem that more than half of all physical games are still sold in traditional bricks and mortar establishments according to last year’s stats.

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SolidGear31731d ago

I thought HMV had shut down in the UK

bggriffiths1731d ago

A lot of stores did. But they saved a few after they found a buyer for the company. Just this week though, they announced they're ditching their pre-owned games department.

BelkingOfSony1731d ago

I bet most of the consoles sold in high streets and supermarkets are bought by parents (in other words, the uninformed buyers)