The Top 10 Best Masks in Video Games

Grab It Magazine:

"With The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask recently remastered for the Nintendo 3DS, we’ve been spending a lot of time pretending to be someone, or something, else with the help of a vast selection of useful and unusual masks. Throughout video game history, we’ve been using masks to conceal our identities, to obtain mystical powers, and sometimes for the sheer comedic effect.

In video games, masks often transcend their façade and become the Swiss army knife of the gaming universe. Here at Grab It, we thought it was timely to celebrate these mysterious accessories by ranking our top ten video game masks."

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sarahnade2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Big Face FTW

JesseH2759d ago

Sweet list. I haven't gotten Majora's yet, but I'm keen to play. Wahoo for Big Face.

Falka2759d ago

No Batman? Rigged. RIIIIGGED, hahaha :)

Solidbrod2759d ago

Haha, I know. It was a tough choice but I decided to cut comic book characters.

shipnabottle2758d ago

Awesome list. Gonna have to give Abe's New 'n Tasty remaster a go, loved it back in the day on PSone but just downloaded it to PS4 for this month's PS+ stuff. Will be interesting to see how it stacks up after all these years.

Solidbrod2758d ago

I've been playing it this morning and it definitely holds up.