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Earlier this week, we announced that the original post-apocalyptic anti-hero, Mad Max, graces the newest cover of Game Informer. We traveled to Avalanche Studio's office in Stockholm, Sweden, to test our mettle in an exclusive hands-on session in the open-world Wasteland. I survived several hours roaming a vast, dried-out sea bed looking for trouble, and compiled the moments that made me feel most like the Road Warrior himself. My exploits include impaling raiders with harpoon guns and punching my way through oil-pumping shanty fortresses.

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cfc782770d ago

All sounds great and hopefully they throw in the 1973 Ford Falcon Interceptor as a hidden car that would be awesome.

Gazondaily2770d ago

Aaah I have always lived vehicular combat games, from the Vigilante 8 series, to Interstate 82 and Twisted Metal. This preview sounds wicked. I cant wait to see more.

Omnisonne2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Ive been looking forward to this game since its first trailer,
now even more so after reading :D
Some really cool gameplay mechanics, hope it all turns out well

DarkOcelet2769d ago

The game sounds great. And there is no shoved in multiplayer, awesome. All the resources went into SP. This and MGSV will make September very busy for me.

Stapleface2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

That ruins it for me. I was hoping for an open world Mad Maxwith actual players forming their own groups, fighting each other for resources, plus for Mad Max to be right in my mind it needs to have the best crafting system ever. If I can't use so e wire and a radiator to make chest armor or chain, a pipe, and an alternator to make a wicked melee weapon, it's a failure to me. I've always had this idea of what a good mad max game would be and this doesn't seem like it. Time to throw expectations out the window and just try what they have made. It still might be good.

edit: I love my sp games too and it does sound fun. Going to be keeping an eye on this. Might be a hard choice between this or MGSV as to which one to get first.

Qrphe2769d ago

Your expectations were unrealistically high and you know it. A game like this would never gotten a budget like that right of the bat.

Omnisonne2769d ago

While it would be really cool to tweak around with lets say car/engine parts, or being able to assemble a weapon or armor in great detail out of many different sorts of scrap, it would probably become too complex and time consuming for most people.

A crafting system like DayZ (mod) would come close, though much more refined and in-depth.

I think the dev stated that micromanaging and stuff didnt fit well in the pace of the game

Stapleface2769d ago

@qrphe Very high, yes. But not unrealistic. It could be done. But my idea would have been online only with none of the budget towards sp. More towards crafting and making things for people to do and interact with rather than a campaign to follow along. If doing that kind of stuff would be too complex for people too bad. This dumbed down for the masses stuff is getting old. But that's what makes money. It at least needs a wicked weapon and armor loot system.

Der_Kommandant2769d ago

I can't wait for this game, Max is in good hands with Avalanche Studios, day one for me.

fanboysmackdown2769d ago

Yes, this game looks like a hoot and Avalanche is the perfect studio doing this game....can't wait.

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