Sony Is Completely Wasting the Dualshock 4’s Potential

Even though the PlayStation 4 was released over a year ago, the DualShock 4 controller isn't being used to the full extent of its capabilities.

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Cindy-rella2761d ago

Nvidia is completely wasting the gtx980s potential. Point is, its there but its up to developers to utilize its potential.

JMaine5182761d ago

I said huh because the title didn't really match the article.

JoGam2761d ago

Guys and Gals, Its just an opinion piece.

So Sony Is Completely Wasting the Dualshock 4’s Potential huh? Ok thanks for your interpretation.

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sAVAge_bEaST2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )


It does charge,,. Super Fast.. -

(also, not needing AA's is kind of a bonus, in 2015)

MazzingerZ2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )

PS3 controllers didn't need batteries either (built-in lithium as well) and that was 2006 :-)

DLConspiracy2760d ago (Edited 2760d ago )


He has a point though. I hate when I am in the middle of a game the battery goes out and suddenly I have to spend hours pressed against my TV screen just to charge my controller. At that point I wish my DS4 had AA batteries I could put in.

dantesparda2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )


And I hate having to spend money on heavy ass AA batteries when they run out I wish it had a rechargeable battery. And if you hate being pressed up against the tv so bad then why haven't you bought a longer usb wire yet? They are certainly a lot cheaper than having to buy batteries all gen long. MS is so cheap they didn't even want to give you a rechargeable battery.

And you know you can use a laptop (which you should be able to have nearby) to charge or a phone charger to plug to any nearby wall outlet right?

DLConspiracy2759d ago


So all I have to do is buy a laptop or a long wire. I will choose a longer wire. I have rechargeable batteries in my Xbox One controllers. However in the heat of the moment if I run out of power I don't have to be daisy chained to a laptop or outlet. I can just put in Standard Batteries (not rechargeable) or Rechargeable batteries of my choice so that I don't have to worry about short battery life.

I am just pointing out that there are advantages to having options. Sure rechargeable is the way to go, but I can also pick what I want to use.

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Fatal-Aim2761d ago

I totally agree with the author in evrery single way, but it isn't Sony that's wasting the DS4, its lazy developers.

Aiming, for example, could have easily used the gyroscope and exccelerometer for aim assist as a secondary option, but instead, the aim assist is the same ol' second analogue stick, which is very cumbersome.

Proning is another that can easily be placed in the touch pad. But noooooo. Lazy developers feel like they may be neglecting other platforms with basic control pads. So great features in the more capable controllers get shafted.

NatFanBoyRestricted2761d ago

Been looking to ask someone this and you seem to be the guy to ask. Honestly, I grew up with aps1,ps2,and played on a few friends ps3s, but really looking forward to getting a ps4. How is it if you have, switching from a xbox like controller and ps4? And how's the six axis and touch pad? I've been on the x1 since release and a pc for a year now, and looking forward to a ps4 to add to the collection. If anyone has,used both controllers for awhile now and really know what I mean, those fine changes that affect like your feel of movement and stuff in a fps game,please comment. I don't wanna go to Bestbuy looking like a fool going back and forth between the Xbox and ps displays lol. Thanks ahead of time

Fatal-Aim2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Its night and day to the DS3.i can tell you that now. The transition should be very easy this time coming from an xbox.

poppinslops2761d ago

You'll notice the DS4 triggers don't rumble, but
other than that, they actually 'feel' quite similar... Yeah, the light's annoying and the speaker is dumb, but it's by far the best controller Sony have ever built.

Just make sure you get a new one - They're more durable.

NatFanBoyRestricted2761d ago

Thanks for the replies. Truthfully, I have over 1000 hours of bf4 and almost a 1000 destiny playtime and at first the x1 bumper buttons were the hardest getting used to since they only click on the outer edges instead from anywhere like the 360. So flying a chopper with the triggers and shooting with bumpers was hard at first. Now after getting used to that, the neck of the joysticks wear out the edges of the hard plastic of the controler, so now that circle isn't really a circle anymore. Throws you of a little when trying to react quickly to something in a fps game. The vibration on the triggers are nice for forza. Easier to feel when your about the break traction. But nice to hear the transition isn't bad to the ds controller. Ooo and what's the battery life like? During the winter on the weekends, I can game for 12 hours easily. So the enigizer batteries for the x1 and 360 lasted a fair time. Rarely crashed a jet, scrambling to change batteries. But it happens.

OB1Biker2760d ago

you need 2 controllers and I didnt feel the sticks comfortable at all and with (short) thumbs grips it feels so much better.
I prefer charging them in turn on a phone charger and you can easily use it instead of plugged in the PS4.

I think speaker, touchpad and lightbar are great when used in game and also very convenient to use the touchpad in the browser for easy typing.

bloop2760d ago

@poppinslops: At first I thought the speaker in the controller was completely useless too but some developers have used it in a way that I thought was pretty cool. In GTA V where you have the phone coming through the speaker, and especially in Alien Isolation with the motion tracker beeps coming through. I thought that was a nice touch and added to the immersion. If anything is useless or gimmicky it's the touchpad. I have yet to see that used in any practical way so far.
Overall the DS4 is a great controller. I do wish they released an official controller with offset sticks tho. Most games use the dpad these days to select weapons/items etc. and with offset sticks you can reach the dpad with your right thumb and don't have to take your thumb off the left stick. Great for fps games like that so you don't actually have to stop moving when you need to select something with the dpad. The battery life isn't as bad as everyone makes out either. Besides, you can just jump on eBay and get a longer cable. I got a 3m one for €5. I don't know why everyone is still complains about having to sit right in front of the tv to charge your pad when the battery goes. It takes all of 5min to order a cable on eBay for €5 and you never have to worry about it again.

kuroshiro2758d ago

dualshock4 has the motion detection capabilities of a move controller. that makes it physically similar to the PC mouse, only with 3-directional positional tracking instead of 2.
With this, developers could easily design aiming systems as accurate and responsive as PC shooters, far more so than console shooters with only analog sticks. But do they care? NO!

atleast they could utilize the touchpad for an alternate aiming system. even a touchpad is better for aiming than analog sticks.

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DragoonsScaleLegends2761d ago

They need to change the joysticks by removing the little horrible rubber edge and the triggers I don't know what they need to do but they suck even if they are slightly better than the PS3 triggers and then it won't be wasted. These controller were down way too quick.

ThanatosDMC2760d ago

Old news. Flimsy rubber edges are gone a long time ago.

nosferatuzodd2761d ago

Nah its more like the slow bro expression hrrr?????? Lol

Blaze9292760d ago

this is like every other feature Sony makes optional - unused by 3rd parties.

pivotplease2760d ago

Like analog button support. I honestly miss it though. Digital for every game sucks so much. Especially for games like platformers that let you alter how high you can jump.

T2X2760d ago

Well, I agree but it is really too early in the systems life for me to say it's a "wasted" feature. Maybe they'll use it for something else.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Nice clickbait title. Well done.

The Light Bar along with the built-in gyroscope is part of the PlayStation Move technology that has been incorporated into the controller. The light bar is used for motion tracking for a particular VR headset that Sony has been working on. Sure it changes colors when you're playing games, but that's not all it's for.

I agree with the rest of the article. The speaker on the controller definitely adds something unique to gaming, especially when you're playing games like Transistor, when your weapon speaks the voice comes through the speaker on the controller.


The light bar changes when you're being attacked, when healing, in danger, or dying while you're playing games. You have no idea what you're talking about and it shows.

MasterCornholio2761d ago

"The light bar changes when you're being attacked, when healing, in danger, or dying while you're playing games."

You forgot about the light getting brighter when your spotted in some games.

I really don't mind the light bar at all. I love it when the cops chase me in GTA and it flashes red.

dcj05242761d ago

The touchpad is 90% unused. I loved what WaWfame did, map the powers to the touchpad and FFXIV:ARR used it fantastically mapping the mouse to it.Shadowfall did the same thing with that drone, very useful. But um.... That's It. Almost every other game uses it as a glorified select button. Every other feature is used minus the sixaxsis. The light is used, the speaker is used but the touchpad is just a giant select button.

rainslacker2761d ago

I've never understood all the hate about the light bar. I can't honestly say I've never once noticed it while playing a game. If it changes color it wouldn't mean anything to me, since I tend to focus on the screen, and not the controller.

I dunno...maybe unlike some in here, my muscle memory is good enough to remember where every button is on the controller without looking.

I have a PS Camera. Used it for playroom. It fell behind the TV a while back, and I haven't even bothered to fish it out. THe camera itself isn't doing anything for me, and wish I hadn't of brought it, so I'm really glad Sony didn't include it with every system to drive up the price. I'd imagine the majority couldn't care less about having a camera. Maybe my purchase of the camera will be put to good use one day.

rhap2761d ago

True. It was very fun when I started to hear noises coming from the DS4 when I was playing Shadow of Mordor and more recently Dying Light. Still need to check Transistor, but I'm looking forward Bastion on PS4 just for that!

bnoyes2761d ago

The last thing Sony needs to do right now is come up with asinine ways to use the DS4. Sony's first party devs need to focus 100% on quality game design and content, which has been sorely lacking from their exclusives thus far.

bnoyes2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Yes, that's my opinion (I assure you there was no need to point that out). But it is an opinion that is ostensibly shared by thousands of gamers and the majority of critics. I hope that knowledge doesn't keep you up at night. Sheesh!

Spotie2761d ago

Your opinion on what Sony needs to do with ANYTHING is worth less than the paper Monopoly money is printed on. Your entire account is just a history of fanboy comments trolling. I would be genuinely surprised if you've even TOUCHED a PS4 controller.

bnoyes2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

My PSN is TotallyBreakfast if you want to check my trophy list. For the record, I love my PS4. But that doesn't mean I blindly love all of the mediocre 1st party software Sony has released this gen.

Also, why do people like you take my comments so personally? It's weird. And what's even weirder is that some of you actually look through my posting history (if you're curious: 1) I started coming here because Joystiq closed down, and 2) I've been vocal about The Order because I truly felt it was a horribly designed game and it represents everything that is wrong with modern AAA game development).

Anyway, this site is populated by some seriously paranoid folks.

magiciandude2761d ago

That one bubble of yours is a little discerning, but non the less, I agree with him completely. All 5 major PS4 exclusives are lackluster with the better of the bunch being inFamous, though many agree that game is inferior to its Cole predecessors. That kind of lineup pales in comparison with PS3's exclusives launched within the first year and a half, is it not? The PS4, as good as it is in terms of hardware, is just a shadow of the PS3 in one thing that matters the most, the games. Sony has clearly shift much of its focus from AAA to relying on cheap indies as a crutch, and that wasn't without Yoshida openly admitted to cutting corners in first party game development. I am really hoping that Bloodbourne will be at least as good as Second Son, and the day we'll find out is around the corner. Given it's a game by From Software and the makers of Demon's Souls, a low critical reception would be just one more black mark on the PS4 as a whole.

So yeah, the guy is right on. Sony needs to focus less on the DS4 gimmickry and more on quality first party games. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will ever see the glory days of the PS3 repeated again on PS4 in terms of first party games. That is a sad opinion that better be wrong. You should be worried how long Sony will continue "supporting" their near-dead Vita, because indies and niche Japanese games are all this handheld has going for it. You also should be worried about the next first party studio that Sony will very likely close.

Given your one and only bubble, your damage control opinions of Sony-anything are worth far less than the paper Sony's financial information (usually bad news as of late) is printed on.

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