Lords of the Fallen on Xbox One hit with a limited time discount

Neil writes "Okay, so we all know about the debacle that was the Lords of the Fallen discount a few weeks back. Will a 50% price cut compensate?"

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Volkama1851d ago

It's £20 on the PS store at the moment too.

jackwei221851d ago

Don't know how someone would disagree with you telling the truth?

Kiwi661851d ago

Maybe the disagrees are because the article is about xb1 not ps4

Volkama1850d ago

The article is about Lords of the Fallen being available at a discounted price on the Xbox One. Stating that it is also available at a discounted price on the PS4 is clearly wildly off topic.

Nah when people disagree for dumb reasons like that just put it down to rabid N4G fanboys and get on with your day.

Fasttrack761851d ago

Glad i got the £7.50 deal.not a bad game either.

ShowanW1851d ago

I paid $9.09 for this game when MS accidentally had it listed it during the Xbox Ultimate Sale.

I guess some sort of discount is better than nothing

Summons751851d ago

Is this game any good? I remember it getting hammered with bad reviews when it came out.

1851d ago
Anomander1851d ago

At 50% I'm not budging since it was around 80-85% on the ultimate sale. That was the one game I was going to get and missed it. At this rate I'll probably have it on Steam for under $10 before I see it at the rate it was at during that brief Ultimate sale.

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