11 Pinball Machines Better Than The Movies They're Based On

The '90s were a golden age for pinball machines based on would-be sci-fi blockbusters. Paste looks at 11 pins that are better than the movies they tie into.

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SEGA announces Fearless: Year of Shadow

SEGA has announced Fearless: Year of Shadow, a campaign that celebrates Sonic the Hedgehog and his brooding acquaintance, Shadow.

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Sega sells Relic and will cut 240 jobs across UK studios

GamesIndustry.biz writes: "Relic is best known for the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War games, and recently developed the new Age of Empires for Microsoft. Relic will transition to an independent studio and will no-longer be part of the Sega group of studios.

The majority of the 240 job cuts are across Creative Assembly and Sega Europe, while there will be a ‘small number’ cut from Sega HARDLight. There was no mention of other Sega UK studios, including Two Point Studios and Sports Interactive."

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-Foxtrot19d ago

Shame about Creative Assembly, they should have just been allowed to do an Alien Isolation sequel.

just_looken18d ago

It was that garbage coh 3 that did them in only a special team can make a sequel worse in every way even though it was a 10 year gap and the same era.

gold_drake19d ago

I hope they find new jobs in the industry soon.

Jingsing19d ago

Two Point Studios and Sports Interactive probably run on a shoe string budget so that fits into SEGA better lol


SEGA’s Switch Predecessor: What Happened to the Nomad?

Sega had such a turbulent existence from the mid-90s to when they dropped out of console manufacturing entirely in 2001, it’s understandable if you’ve never heard of the Genesis Nomad.

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