Infinite Crisis Brings DC Heroes and Villains Into the MOBA Genre

"A new title from DC Entertainment brings the characters of the DC Comics Multiverse into the MOBA genre."

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XTGN1417d ago

It's not new, it's new to Steam though.

fight-or-flight1417d ago

I'm super pumped about the new addition of Katana- she's a boss

1417d ago
Lord_Sloth1417d ago

Betcha Batman will be the most used.

BudokaiGamer1417d ago

I'm not a MOBA fan, but I've been in this since beta...doesn't mean I've played much, but I can tell you Batman isn't used a whole lot. The way MOBAs work are with roles, a lot like in other RPGs. I think regular Batman is a bruiser, but there are multiple forms of Batman in the game. The most used Batman is Gaslight, but yeah.

Lord_Sloth1416d ago

I know but you're only in the BETA which means you don't have everybody and their brother in, only the people who would be serious about playing. When it officially launches then we shall see.

Note I didn't say he's be the most useful.

BudokaiGamer1416d ago


You got a point, I apologize.