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GameGrin's Calum Parry writes: "Some games take you on a journey that can last you for months or even years, and the memories of that game can last a lifetime. Others can keep you coming back for more, pushing you further through the ranks of its multiplayer and beyond. Then there are those that guide you through a cinematic experience that while mesmerising, leave you with wanting more. That is what The Order: 1886 is."

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S2Killinit2420d ago

Intersting tgat most of the later reviews rated the game higher. It started at 2s ! Now we are getting 7s and 8s.

thekhurg2420d ago

People aren't necessarily reviewing the game for clickbait scores anymore.

Granted some reviewers still hate the game, but stuff is balancing out once you take away the garbage scores.

Spotie2420d ago

You've hit the nail on the head. When the primary complaints are about the very things the game is MEANT to have, there's a problem with reviews.