GDC 2015 - Epic Games Shows off Mind-Blowing Open World Environment in Real-Time

This open world environment - which is 100 square miles - was used in its latest Kite Tech Demo, therefore you've already got a glimpse of it. However in Epic's "The State of Unreal" talk, Epic's Francois Antoine showcased various weather types in that map, as well as day/night cycle and how that affects lighting and shadows, AI animals that react to the players, and more. The real-time video starts at the 46:00 mark.

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Giru0173391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

It looks great, but to be honest, more and more I feel like I am getting "open world fatigue" when it comes to games. Very few of them have managed to keep me engaged as much as Red Dead Redemption did in it's days.

Ultimately, it comes down to gameplay and story. An open world is only as fun as the play you get to do in it. At this point I get more excited for better AI than I am for environments and graphics, though I understand that they are different beasts all together.

In any case, kudos on the environments, the foliage and the great lighting system. I'm wondering how they are pulling of the the quick mapping without pop-ins (ie: the hardware behind it).

ShottyGibs3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

How can you have open world fatigue? There's barely been any open world games period, especially this gen, and even less ones that are any good.

Giru0173390d ago

Because every game now is doing open world, regardless of if it fits its gameplay style or not. Truth be told, I'm missing the "restricted but open" progression games (think ocarina or majora, dark souls or symphony of the night/metroidvanias) where I get multiple paths all leading somewhere instead of just one huge open world with MMOy things to do like node mining and soul-less "side quests" that have no bearing or impact on the world.

Again, it depends on the game. GTA V and Red Dead Redemption create an amazing open world, Shadow of Mordor makes it a fascinating experience, but for every good open world sandbox, we get hundreds of terrible ones as well.

With Witcher 3 and MGS V also being sandboxes, I can't help but be a bit concerned.

moomoo3193391d ago

Im getting tech demo fatigue. Lets see some legitimate applications for these new engines

crazychris41243391d ago

Will see games at E3, GDC is more of the technical side

Eyesoftheraven3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Tech demos are cool and exciting but I have yet to see a single case where the subsequent games come anywhere close. Square Enix Agni's Philosphy demo, Unreal Samaritan demo, AMD Leo, Nvidia Faceworks, Stone Giant, Unigen Heaven, Aliens vs Triangles, etc.

Qrphe3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

This fails to look anywhere as good as the 2011 Elemental demo that ran on "a single GTX 680." Hell, even the 2014 Elemental demo fails to do that as well.

It's all up to Valve's Source 2 I guess.


Check out this Incredible Batman 1989 Fan Project

Tim Burton’s vision of Gotham brought to life by passionate fans.

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Gridknac1139d ago

Wow! That is badass. WB needs to make this happen now.

WoodsRatesGames1139d ago

Right? Thanks for checking it out!

Minute Man 7211137d ago

Fans??? This is done by one person

WoodsRatesGames1137d ago

Someone else was commissioned to do the music and another person modelled the batmobile. Links to all involved are included in the article.

Gaming4Life19811137d ago

They should have been made a batman game for the best batman movie. This looks amazing and now I must watch the movie.

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Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Unreal Engine 4 Remake recreates Rimmer's Rest

YouTube's 'ackehallgren' has recreated the Rimmer's Rest from Star Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight in Unreal Engine 4.

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Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo available for download

NVIDIA and Epic Games have released an official Unreal Engine 4 RTX Tech Demo.

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Magog1158d ago

Am I crazy or is there an Unreal Engine 5 now? Why promote old tech?

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waverider1158d ago

I really dont understand either? isnt the Unreal Engine 5 already available for studios? arent they already working with it?

masterfox1158d ago

UE5 Is for PS5 only, deal with it! :D

***runs away from this thread with pride!**

Tacoboto1158d ago

UE5 is not released yet and developers for years will still make UE4 games because that's where their tools and customizations are.

Mortal Kombat still uses UE3. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is also still UE3.

Magog1158d ago

That more of an embarrassing indictment of those devs than a reason to promote old software.

Tacoboto1158d ago

Embarrassing indictment? You know nothing of software development then.

Spenok1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Because a ridiculous amount of the industry still uses 4, and because no, 5 is not out yet. They said it would launch later this year.

AuraAbjure1158d ago

Companies still use Unreal Engine 3.

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Tghood851158d ago

Really impressive tech but I don’t even notice all of these benefits in real life, never mind being chased by zombies in a video game. Rather devote resources to resolution and frame rate.

Magog1158d ago

If you suddenly stopped casting reflections in a mirror I think you would notice.

Amplitude1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Edit: i misread this.
N4G really needs a delete comment button lol

Einhander19711156d ago

Yes after seeing the Unreal 5 ps5 reveal, I thought that's where we were heading. But saying that I have read various articles that suggest its easy for developers to still work on Unreal 4 and carry everything over to Unreal 5 when needed, we shall see.