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PC Magazine - Get ready for VR, PlayStation gamers. Sony's Project Morpheus virtual reality headset debuted at GDC last year, and Sony has since further developed its experimental development hardware into a polished and responsive head-mounted display.

I tried out the newest version of Project Morpheus at GDC 2015 this week, and got a deeper taste of what VR on the PS4 could be.

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jhoward5853397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Project Morpheus sounds like it going to be a big hit come 2016.

I really like the fact that Sony didn't put a regular OLED screen inside the Morpheus.

The RGB subpixel inside Project Morpheus OLED screen will help make games look more detail.

I can't wait.

jhoward5853397d ago

This show a bit of game play for Project Morpheus. The ones that were shown at GDC 2015. of course you have to skim through the vid to see it.


SniperControl3397d ago

Great interview, thanks for the link.

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GreenRanger3397d ago

Do those lights need to be on?

madpuppy3397d ago

the lights are for tracking with the Playstation camera.

SamPao3397d ago

"The demo used the motion tracking and LEDs on the headset and the motion sensors and light bar on the DualShock 4 to keep a virtual controller in the same position in the demo as the real controller was in my hand. It moved when I moved it, and I could even bring it up to my face for a closer look."

guess it depends on the game, but I think so

Ron_Danger3397d ago

Why does it matter? When you're wearing it you can't see them

garos823397d ago

i dont think it is concern on how you look whilst wearing it but rather battery life.

The DS4 has one LED and its battery life compared to DS3 is less than half

Ron_Danger3397d ago

Have they mentioned the power source? I always assumed it would be powered through the cable that has to be connected to the ps4. I just thought it would have a USB 3.0 plug

garos823397d ago

not that im aware of. from what i recall they have always said they want to get rid of the cable and hope to do so before release

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Garethvk92d ago

I can finally play Half Life Alyx.

mariopasta92d ago

I can finally watch pron, I mean watch pronouns be pronounced in PC VR games that were previously not available on Playstation.

crazyCoconuts91d ago

be careful not to sprain your... tongue pronouncing those pronouns

Profchaos91d ago

I'm excited for that to plus I can try fallout 4 VR always wanted to play that