Exclusive New Killzone 2 'Objective' Gameplay Video

Exclusive new footage including vehicle combat. Killzone 2 by Sony CEA and Guerilla is coming to the PS3.

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QueefyB5443d ago

wow it looks so cool only the playstation 3 can produce such revolutionary graphics

SixTwoTwo5443d ago

And they say the PS3 is broken <_<

zapass5443d ago

I'm worried, the PS3 has nothing against viva pinata and banjo kazooile ;P

looks sick and tons of fun!
1st day buy for me

Endorphin5443d ago

Little Big Planet? How could u possibly miss that.....

zapass5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

that was sarcastic
xbots so overhype their crappy lineup :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;-P ;-P ;-P

It REALLY does make 'Gears of War 2' Look like a N64 Game!!! ;-D

Micro$oft...It's time to Throw in the Towel on the xBox 360!!! ;-D

'Sir 'GOD' Ken Kutaragi' IS A FUNKING GENIUS!!! ;-P

You will find GOD here... ;)

RocketRaiders5443d ago

thats definitely prerendered it seems

theKiller5442d ago

i have never saw a game this good in the shooting genre

Shane Kim5442d ago

Seriously, this game looks ridiculously good. This video alone killed everything my company will ever pull off.

HerBieScrogg5442d ago

Xbox would run Killzone2 wayyy better....especailly online...more people would buy wont sale on the ps3...

CyberSentinel5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

The AI looks as dumb as a lemming fanboy...1:28 sec in the video a solder stands right next to an enemy solder, and isn't even aware that the enemy is RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! His stance is completely unguarded, and defenseless. An easy NO AI KILL!

Blind Lemmings, That's The Power Of The Cell.

Pain5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )


ouch!! that's going to leave a HUGE mark..

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QueefyB5443d ago

omg it is so polished and to think it has a few more months for development left

QueefyB5443d ago

wow even the guerilla games logo looks next gen

badboy8085443d ago

Microsft needs to step their game up the way this game looks

chaosatom5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )


This looks ready to be realeased right now!

5443d ago
jwatt5443d ago

I like the part at 1:35 where the rocket just passes by his head. The game is coming along well destructble buildings look nice but I still think they need work on the AI.

Will-UK5443d ago

The games looking really good

damrightfresh5443d ago

Gears of war 2 dont look that great ..The graphics is great but it look GOW1..

doG_beLIEfs5443d ago

That "article" about the PS3 being broken just looks Lloyd Christmas "dumb and dumber" after viewing that footage.

If the PS3 is "broken" then I want the PS3 to "Break" even more. Crappy "broken" PS3, why can't they design a powerhouse original innovative console like Nintendo?

After Sony's conference...the anti-PS3 articles are going to look as out of touch as Dubya at a Mensa conference.

Guitarded5443d ago

Microsoft should watch and learn how not to waste approximately 5 years and 50 million dollars on a sequel to a game that was mediocre at best and did not sell that well either. Sure does show that if you spend unusual amounts of time and money on ps3 development you can make a really pretty game. I wonder if the gameplay will suck as much as the first one?

fusionboxer5443d ago

Well what I was saying was that everyone is dissing the ps3 for having a relatively small amount of ram available to the actual game, but half of the people that say that don't actually create games for the ps3.

I personally think due to the strange architecture of the cell, developers don't need as much ram to run things. The cell most likely uses alternate resources in order to pull out the amazing visuals, physics, and amount of stuff happening on screen at once.

Examples would be, Resistance 1, Ratchet and Clank, Lair, Heavenly Sword, MGS4, Gran Turismo Prologue, Warhawk and more. Although not all of those games are great; they all showed off some pretty impressive examples of how many separate AI, Characters, and objects can be on screen at once and all running without a hitch.

Douche5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

Where do these people get their info? Is there like a database where failures like this go to gather all the wrong things to say and think? FYI buddy, Killzone 2's development began less than a year before the 05' trailer was shown off at E3. That's less than 4 years genius. And as for the budget? The real estimate for Killzone 2's developmental costs, which was revealed to the people on this Earth (yes, that was supposed to include you), is around $20 million. You're just a little off there slick shoes.

jwatt5443d ago

Why does it matter to you, have you been waiting 5 years to play this game? I think the game has been in developement for about 3 years and they really do have some impressive things going on here.

DaTruth5443d ago

If I have to chose between two systems, even if they were equal, I would choose the one with the high production values. Obviously it would have better games. If MS put advertising budget into games it could have games like this.

rexor07175443d ago

And fun too, but the AI looks like retarded monkeys. They need to fix it and make them smart.

STREET x KING5443d ago

only thing they need now is better AI... and if there's time make those fire effects a little better... if gears can make awesome fire surely this game can too

BulletToothtony5443d ago

smart AI means that you're part of something bigger, that that everyone is acting the way people would be acting in war,

IMO that's how they're acting, if smart AI means that every enemy shoots at you as soon as you pop your face out of a corner go play Medal Of Honor.. those guys can snipe you miles away... doesn't mean is good AI.

Guerrila has heard so many people say about the AI, they have even mentioned that it wasn't great in the first game, so all this hate on the AI is simply because there's NOTHING else to complain about..

RocketRaiders5443d ago

I am sure it is a pre-rendered footage

thats impossible to do on next gen consoles except a very high end PC

RevN8r5443d ago

Was it just me, or did I hear a soldier say, "That'd be like a spare pr1ck at a g4ngb4ng..."?

The game looks stunning, and makes me proud to be a launch console owner! W0W!!

BigBaehr5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

You heard right because I remember in a preview they complained about the over machoness and that line.

thesummerofgeorge5442d ago

I drooled a massive puddle while watching.... Inf*ckingcredible. Gameplay looks like nothing I've ever seen graphics wise

Pika-pie5442d ago

OMG WOW, that looks incredible. Totally owns GOW2

GOW2 is just a typical 360 shooter with its very shiny models and textures. Thanks god for KZ2 for adding grittIness and realism!! PS3 FTW!

spectyre5442d ago

Yup, MS has better things to spend $50 mil. on. Like "downloadable content" for GTAIV. Personally, I'd rather have this.

thesummerofgeorge5442d ago

lol, do you have any idea how stupid you sound... honestly you really come off as a bitter fanboy, I mean honestly $50mil on extra GTA missions, or one of the most incredible looking games of all time (and KZ1, is not KZ2, believe it or not, things have changed since then). Why would it bother you personally how much time or money Sony spent on it... and you're right it shows that if alot of time is spent on a game, you get a better result, that's why games like MGS4 and KZ2 and LBP and GoW3 etc. are all pushing the boundries and setting a new bar for video games, which believe it or not benefits you too, cause it forces everyone else to step it up.

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KingME5443d ago

That sh!t looked AWESOME. Okay, now I'm starting to get excited. This game has just gone to the top of my must have list. Please let it also support 1080i...please, I'm gonna have to buy another TV if it doesn't. Cause um getting this.

na2ru15442d ago

is this really chad warden? was funny to watch you on youtube