Overlooked Gem: I Am Alive

GamerBolt: "A post-apocalyptic game which has largely gone unsung and which I think deserves more attention than it seems to receive: I Am Alive."

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Iltapalanyymi1420d ago

its a bit glitchly and frustrating at times, but yeah, its a pretty great game.

Deep-throat1420d ago

Didn't face any glitch or bug on the 360

DanielGearSolid1420d ago

I liked it but, it wasn't as good as I imagined

I hated that grainy look tho

CorndogBurglar1420d ago

I played through the demo, loved it, had all intentions of buying it, then totally forgot about it, lol.

HollowZbankai1420d ago

i actually redownloaded this recently to finish it up. the game was pretty good. it had tons of potential but they executed well.

MilkMan1420d ago

It was fabulously decent.

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The story is too old to be commented.