GDC 2015 Notable For PC/PS4/XB1 Fans; Jury Still Out On DX12 XB1 Benefits

Brad Wardell reckons GDC 2015 will be notable for PC, PS4 & XB1 fans alike. The latter ones shouldn't be too excited about DX12 improvements, though.

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ccgr3391d ago

Looking forward to what's coming for all platforms

LavaLampGoo3391d ago

I wasn't expecting much news, other than what had already be teased. I guess I should pay a bit more attention...

Alexious3391d ago

GDC had quite the fair bit of news even in the past years. Of course, it's no still E3 but this year might be the most interesting in a while.

kaiserfranz3391d ago

Only delusional XB1 fans can think that DX12 will be a massive improvements for them, when clearly the biggest benefits will be on PC.

Other than that, I'm ready for those announcements, bring it on!

NuggetsOfGod3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

Remember when MS unlocked the 7th core for devs? Would that mean they were already using 6 cores?

If xbox devs are only using one core why would MS unlock a seventh core for devs.
The kinect core lol
Pc in the end is more exciting.

I5/7 + gtx 1070 w/ hmb memory vs old apu lol

MS seems to be promoting dx12 for pc more than xbox.

GDC will be xboxs first dx12 showing.
GDC will be MS's 4th pc dx12 showing?

Just sayin I thougt they would go hard for xbox lol

Dx12 will make xbox perform like a ps4?
1080p games now?

I think glnext for ps4 will be more powerful.

kaiserfranz3391d ago

You mean when they got a boost by freeing up the previously reserved Kinect power? That's another thing entirely.

fayz3391d ago

the unlocking of the 7th core could explain why resident evil revelations 2 runs better @ 60fps on xbone

ninsigma3391d ago


I think revelations runs better on XB1 because it was the lead platform when developing the game. Don't quote me on that because I don't know for fact, but generally when a game runs better on one platform vs another, it's because the game was developed for that first.

underwaves753390d ago

PC is, in the end, more exciting, if triple A exclusives aren't your thing.

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strangeaeon3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I think we have beaten that dead horse quite enough, no? Literally no one thinks that anymore. Posting that is really just trolling now.

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MasterCornholio3391d ago (Edited 3391d ago )

I wonder why Brad is the only one talking about DX12.

Alexious3391d ago

Probably because Stardock was among the first developers to prepare for this change.

They have a relationship with Oxide, the makers of Nitrous Engine, used for the Star Swarm demo - the same demo used to demonstrate Mantle and recently, also DX12.

They're also developing one or two games with that engine.

Aurenar3391d ago

I expect big announcements from MS. I think that the quality of its games can improve appreciably.

Alexious3391d ago

DX12 can be fantastic for those genres that rely heavily on draw calls. Personally I have strong hopes for MMMORPGs!

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Stardock CEO On Whether Xbox Scorpio’s CPU Will Hold It Back

High end PC game developers will be setting their memory requirements higher in the future due to Scorpio.

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DeadSilence2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Mediocre? Lmao

Edit: CPU, nevermind. Indeed Jaguar is mediocre, next gen we need some badass CPUs on Consoles.

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jhoward5852599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

Like the article states DX12 takes the burden off the CPU. Also, what about the comand chip between the GPU and CPU, that as well should also take the stress of the CPU. So, before making any judgement, lets wait til E3 so that we all can see how these new tech ideas work.

zivtheawesome2599d ago

Not many games use directx12 and DX12 was already hardcoded to the x1. So we know that its effect isnt as powerfull as it originally seemed

jhoward5852599d ago

You can't compare the two(X1/scorpio), both systems are different in thier approch hardware wise. The x1 doesn't have a command chip between it CPU/GPU. I guessing MS finally realized, after many test run, they need a command chip to make DX12 work more efficiently.

TheCommentator2599d ago (Edited 2599d ago )

MS said during the tech interviews about the XB1 HW that they modified the command processors. MS also said after the Scorpio reveal that the Scorpio had the same DX12 HW as XB1. Scorpio has many other modifications besides the embedded DX12, but it at least shares that part of it's architecture with the OG console.

Matter of fact, Brad also said that DX12 was going to have a significant impact on XB1 performance way back when. That was the last thing he said before MS put the clamps on him, then Spencer said that DX12 will make XB1 better at what it was designed to do. I guess now we also know Brad wasn't lying, because now he's saying that his core neutral engine is going to exploit the DX12 HW in the XB1's, just like he was saying before MS shut him up. This is likely due to the fact that MS knew how long it would be before engines could be developed that fully exploit all of the innovations MS made to the XB1. Spencer also told the truth, because the XB1 was designed to take advantage of core neutral engines offloading draw calls to the command processor.

Turn 10 essentially confirms all of this too by saying that taking advantage of coding for Scorpio will also make XB1look better.