Five Games: ‘OlliOlli 2’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

Get ready for scares 'n' skateboards in this week's Five Games.

sknygy3391d ago

Can't wait to play OlliOlli 1 on my Wii U (& 3DS!)

MultiConsoleGamer3391d ago

Definitely going to play Olli Olli 2.

captainexplosion3391d ago

I hope and expect OlliOlli 2 to be a free Plus game.

Scatpants3391d ago

I have almost one hundred percented Olliolli 1 so I am looking forward to 2.

moomoo3193391d ago

How in gods name do you get 50 spins on that neon city level???

Scatpants3391d ago

I said almost. I've got a few of the later levels left to 100.

moomoo3193391d ago

Yeah i know im actually asking if you have any idea i dont see how its possible lol


It's Time For Resident Evil's Most Unique Mode to Make a Comeback

With series staple Mercenaries Mode returning to the Resident Evil 4 Remake, it’s time to remind fans of another mostly forgotten mode from the RE series. Reaching the second chapter in the 2012 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations unlocked something called Raid Mode for players to enjoy. Unlike Mercenaries, Raid Mode is not a time-attack mode and instead operates as a more RPG-lite version of the main game. While players are expected to try and hammer down on a handful of levels in Mercenaries, Raid Mode gives players a much more expansive game type to play around with.

This mode was included in ports released on the seventh and eighth generations of consoles and was part of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which was released in 2015. However, the Revelations duology is the only time that Raid Mode has existed in the massive Resident Evil franchise, and that should change in some future release.

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ZeekQuattro428d ago

I'd like to raid mode make a return in the future. When Capcom was hacked there was a as of yet announced RE game in there that I was hoping might turn into Revelations 3. There were also reports that whatever that RE game was scrapped and cancelled.


5 Devolver Digital Games That May Have Flown Under Your Radar

James writes: "Are you a fan of the hilarious video game publisher, Devolver Digital? Then check out this list of 5 hidden gems published by the studio."

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Nacho_Z1192d ago

Gris is a good game. Absolutely amazing art style, one of the best looking games I've ever played, with a great soundtrack, but a clever puzzle platformer too.

Highrevz1192d ago

Devolver Digital has published some amazing Indie games over time. Shame there’s no mention of Katana Zero.
I finished Observation earlier today and loved it.


Titles With the Biggest File Sizes on Nintendo Switch

The Switch has been out for a few years now with a large library. Check out the games with the biggest file sizes as of January 2021.

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