Five Games: ‘OlliOlli 2’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

Get ready for scares 'n' skateboards in this week's Five Games.

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sknygy2892d ago

Can't wait to play OlliOlli 1 on my Wii U (& 3DS!)

MultiConsoleGamer2892d ago

Definitely going to play Olli Olli 2.

captainexplosion2892d ago

I hope and expect OlliOlli 2 to be a free Plus game.

Scatpants2892d ago

I have almost one hundred percented Olliolli 1 so I am looking forward to 2.

moomoo3192892d ago

How in gods name do you get 50 spins on that neon city level???

Scatpants2892d ago

I said almost. I've got a few of the later levels left to 100.

moomoo3192892d ago

Yeah i know im actually asking if you have any idea i dont see how its possible lol