Forza PC Might Be Announced @ GDC 2015

There's an interesting amount of evidence pointing out to a possible announcement of Forza PC on Wednesday, at GDC 2015 in San Francisco.

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ccgr3403d ago

My husband loves those games! (It's the only game he plays on our Xbox One)

kaiserfranz3403d ago

It looks like he would have reason to ditch XB1 then if this comes true. I personally hope it does, I don't see myself buying an Xbox One any time soon but I would love to play Forza.

Besides, there's a lot of money to be made on PC with good games and Microsoft wouldn't even have to give a cut to Valve like the other publishers who use Steam.

Crimzon3402d ago

Yeah, I'd buy Forza if it released on Steam, provided Microsoft didn't force any DX12 requirements and restrict it to Windows 10 only. Same goes for Forza horizon as well. They look like genuinely fun racing games and if they put them on PC they'll be seeing money from me :)

ProjectVulcan3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Forza is the one game I would be bothered buying an Xbox One for. I always wanted it on PC, a dream come true so that I wouldn't have to bother with Xbox any more but it seems unlikely.

Microsoft should start up supporting PC again properly with Windows 10 by dishing out some big Microsoft studio titles for the platform. It's a bit of a pipe dream really but hey.

halfblackcanadian3402d ago


I agree that they should release more stuff to PC. It's money left on the table. Not everyone has a gaming rig computer so Xbox will still sell to those who want a simple under-the-TV solution, otherwise those who never intended can still give money to MS


So you would buy this if it DIDN'T take advantage of the newest available technology? Would you also not complain if it didn't look better than Project Cars? Windows 10 is free, DX12 free with it. Don't say dumb things.


Agreed. I like my Xbox so will get it there, but for those who don't feel the desire having it available to PC players makes sense.

Dee_913402d ago

Damn, if this is legit good thing I waited on getting a xboxone.. and my pc budget just went up lol

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Blaze9293402d ago

Forza PC would be nuts....I actually want them to do it.

Alexious3402d ago

I think everyone would want them to do it, except those XB1 fanboys who can't see further than their nose.

We'd have a bigger and happier community playing together.

Dee_913402d ago

Would be epic if it came with multiplayer crossplay.

Yea.. only the fanboys right?Critical thinking on your part bud /s.. Funny I don't even have a xbox one but I don't like the idea of a flagship title going multiplat.

RoKStevonidas3402d ago

I wonder if we will get the Jimmy Fallon E3 Edition or a port of the downgraded mess that was actually released?

Gamer19823402d ago

If it does then they literally only have Halo left as a AAA established exclusive. I can see it happening though with MS slowly moving Xbox over To W10 to save on hardware and the feeling they are evolving to more than just a console.

3402d ago
Kribwalker3402d ago

I would welcome this. With PC cross play, universal apps, and more the XBox One is becoming like a Steam Box, but better, as it has all the console exclusives plus would be cool for them to start porting games over from PC to Xbox with ease with DX12. The future is now with Xbox

kraenk123402d ago

Seriously...The Forza games always were the only reason to ever think about getting an XBox. If this becomes true and I suspect it will I will be such an happy chap.

Zeref3402d ago

Stop lying... You're just saying that cuz there is a possibility of it happening.

But deep down. You know you want Gears,Halo, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Phantom Dust and Fruit Ninja kinect.

Zeref3402d ago


Why would you not like it if its only on Windows 10? It's a FREE upgrade that's better than Windows 7 and 8.

If its coming to PC its definitely gonna be exclusive to Windows 10 and probably with Xbox One to PC play too.

Little off-topic:

Phil Spencer said that they are seriously looking at the possibility of Xbox One running PC games. Imagine that. If that happens Xbox wins this gen by default.

The Bajillion of exclusive PC games all available on Xbox One.

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EvilWay3403d ago

Forza will not come to PC that has been said already

the_dark_one3402d ago

Xbox one will not be sold without kinect, thats has been said already. See where im going. Not saying it will but.....

RiseofScorpio3402d ago

Don Mattrick said that. When Phil became head it was unbundled immediately.

Imp0ssibl33402d ago

It has been said, yes. It's in the article, they said:

We have no plans of releasing Microsoft Studios Xbox One titles on PC.

That was one year ago. Now they do, they're releasing Fable Legends day and date with crossplay and they're also releasing Xbox Live on Windows 10 basically.
A Turn10 developer is also going to speak in a session about "developing games on W10"....

Not saying it's necessarily true, but I can definitely see it happening.

freshslicepizza3402d ago

i could see it happening, microsoft is wanting to push windows 10 and most money is made off of software and services, not hardware.

the xbox one will always have an audience even if these games come to the pc. want proof? look at the top selling games on consoles, most can be bought on the pc.

Elit3Nick3402d ago

Fable 1 and 3 were on Windows, so therefore it was never an Xbox exclusive series to begin with.

TheNew13402d ago


Push windows 10 and forget about Xbox? And what pushing, windows 10 is already FREE there's not much more pushing you can do.

freshslicepizza3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )


how are they forgetting the xbox if forza comes to the pc? that makes no sense at all. windows 10 also works with the xbox so how is that forgetting the xbox one?

microsoft wants you to belong to their ecosystem. windows 10, xbox, xbox live, skype, cloud services. these are all areas they can make money off of consumers and windows 10 is not free for everyone. they are offering a free upgrade for a one year period to those who want to upgrade from windows 7 and 8.1. do you know how many millions still use xp?

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elazz3402d ago

With PC gaming on the rise and games selling nearly equal numbers as on a console I guess from a Financial standpoint it would indeed be better to release on PC.

kaiserfranz3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Absolutely, no question about that. And it looks like finally MS is noticing the treasure trove that is the PC gaming market and wants to get a big chunk of it.

LavaLampGoo3403d ago

Sounds promising, but not my favourite series but Burnout seems to be over nowadays

Mostafeto3402d ago

Forza on PC is going to be awesome and I admit Burnout was a great series that turned dead way too soon as it had the potential to become a classic my favorite car games of all time till now are Driveclub and Burnout Paradise

BlackPhillip6663402d ago

Probably another windows 10 deal if it goes threw :/. Im all for games crossing over but as with every new windows release i don't like being held to ransom on games i can and can not play esp when I'm sitting here with a gtx980 on windows 8 :D.