Forza Motorsport 6 is Being Delisted on 15th September

Forza Motorsport 6 will enter "End of Life" status on 15th September, so make sure you own it and its DLC before then if you want to play it.

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mandingo1315d ago

What's the benefit of delisting games? Curious.

Italiano12345671315d ago

Theres no benefit. They just dont renew the licenses for the songs and cars so after the 15th u cant buy it

mandingo1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Oh licenses. That makes sense. So if you have it digitally already you can still play it you just cant buy it?

Cobra9511315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Yeah, the expiring-licenses thing is a blight on the scene. There literally ought to be a law. Once something is licensed for a product, it should never become an impediment later on. Simple consumer protection. In racing games, both the cars and the music would be locked in place. The developer can't add newer car models, or different songs. I don't see why that would hurt the profits of car companies or artists. Newer games would have to license the newer cars and songs, or even the same ones.

Edit: mandingo, that's right.

rainslacker1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Saving on licensing costs.


They could pay more for perpetual licenses, but after 4 years, chances are they arent going to be making much of a return on the game anymore.

lodossrage1315d ago

again, a music license issue. This is the same reason Driveclub is getting delisted next year.

I'm sorry, but if music rights can be the cause of a product being delisted, they need to either have unlicensed music because this is ridiculous. This is actually another reason to be concerned about an all-digital future.

bolimekurac1315d ago

or hopefully when ugly things stick their head out like this music license issue, that the companies do the right thing and find a solution so this doesnt happen, then we can complain if they dont. Digital games is fairly new so why dont we first see if the companies fix these issues that pop up. not that we shouldnt be heard and to let them know about these issues but at least lets not attack them for no reason

lodossrage1315d ago


They've already had years to deal with this. This isn't the first instance of license music altering a game in some form. Crazy Taxi wasn't even allowed to be released with the original soundtrack and many of the real world stores in the game were cut for licenses.

I know it's not exactly' the same, but the issues is close enough that the industry as a whole should have realized this would be a problem even back in the ps3/ 360 era win crazy taxi was re-released for modern day.

traumadisaster1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Oh crap idk about drive club, I’m so glad you mentioned it, and I just happen to be in this article. I’ve been wanting that game but was waiting until ps5 to get it. Now i need to check into this cause hell I’ll buy it now if I need to.

It looks like there is a hard copy version, so I can pick that up cheap, the online stuff which I don’t usually do is what goes away in 2020, and it can’t be bought on psn

KickSpinFilter1315d ago

Oh you should def get Driveclub such a great game now after server/updates. One of my all time fav racers. Nice mix of Arcade/Sim. Not Sim, Arcade or Sim/Arcade.

rainslacker1315d ago

I'd highly recommend bikes if you get driveclub. Lots of fun. The vr version is also good if you have psvr.

About the only thing you're going to lose with the delisting is the online functions as well. Driveclub is playable in SP with lots of content though. It's just being part of a club and user challenges or throw downs won't be available after they shut down the servers.

DaDrunkenJester1315d ago

Or it's not that big of a deal since it's a long running franchise and there is already the newer versions you can still buy. If you already own FM6 you can still play it.

spicelicka1315d ago

This is a definitely a huge concern for an all-digital future. Along the fact that they can control whatever price they want you to pay even 5 years later, like Destiny and Call of Duty. You can't even buy the original games anymore, they just re-bundle them and force you to pay full price again.

WiiU-Dude1315d ago

It happens in other entertainment too. I have seen DVD series held up for years because of music licensing issues. It is annoying. I agree with the person that it should be a one time deal. With the creation of a product, things like music licensing should be done with that product going forward. Such a headache apparently.

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Sgt_Slaughter1315d ago

Good thing physical copies will always exist for purchase in a thriving used game market.

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CobraKai1315d ago

There’s at least 3 people who like games being delisted; never to be played again.

Software_Lover1315d ago

But you still have to download the data unfortunately...…..

traumadisaster1315d ago

I just bought this a few months ago on a very cheap sale, then I think recently it was added to game pass.

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