The Order: 1886 Angry Review - Angry Joe Show

AngryJoe and LycanJoe do battle for the Glorious Order! How does this PS4 Exclusive measure up to its Hype? Will it be the PS4's Killer App? Find Out!

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DarkOcelet3433d ago

I was not expecting that low score from AngryJoe tbh.

I still think its a great game. And i urge people to try it now or once its price is lowered to what they see fit to see the great potential the game has.

breakpad3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Angry joe has reviewed DMC (remake garbage) with 7/10 from it you understand his credibility...

SuperLupe3433d ago

But DMC is actually a more enjoyable and entertaining experience, def a 7/10, unlike The Order hence the low score.

But you knew that already.

bouzebbal3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

i enjoyed playing this game a lot and tbh i haven't finished it yet :D :D
i agree with a lot of points he stated but i disagree with a certain number of others.
I kinda agree that this episode is a prologue to a series, no doubt about that and just being delayed from launch line up explains the apparent tech demo nature of it.
Regarding what he said about the heavy shotgunner and the fact that you'll die a lot if you have a shotgun yourself, i don't agree at all!
He clearly didn't realize that this game has a slow mo button you can press to eliminate annoying foes. Just pick your handgun and press L1 when the white bar is full. The result is pretty satisfying.

He is an honest reviewer who reviews games according to his tastes obviously. He did touch some critical points with this review and he should keep it up!

"Angry joe has reviewed DMC (remake garbage) with 7/10 from it you understand his credibility..."
remake garbage? get out of here!

JackVagina3433d ago Show
decrypt3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

My brother has a PS4 i saw the order running, i seriously have to question the fans on this site. How could they defend the gaming choices made with this game.

Its not a game at all, its more of a interactive movie. If we wanted to do that why not just watch a movie. Boring is the best way to descibe the Order.

I saw my brother playing the game chapter 10 literally was a cut scene lol, with no user input required. All he was doing is holding onto the controller in boredom lol. It was terrible.

Whats worse is the lengths Sony fans will go to defend this excuse of a game. With all the energy Sony fans on this site use to spin the failure this game is, its literally hilarious.

Whatever DMC was it still had gameplay, Order has no gameplay. Order is an on rails shooter completely with hollywood style quicktime events thats all, i dont see how anyone can defend that as being fun.

Edit: Disagrees start to role in already lol, Its ok Sony fans i suppose holding on to a controller watching cinematic events is Sony's direction for gaming. One would have thought corridor shooters would be the line in the sand lol. I would think Order getting 4/10 is very generous, I would give it a 1 or 2 at best. Now if i was reviewing it as a movie then yea 4/10 is probably balanced.

ThanatosDMC3432d ago

DmC =/= DMC

Get it right.

OT: It was a fair review and Angry Joe hit every point properly. It is a prologue and is almost as bad as the Watchdogs ending.

Gazondaily3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Here we go. Are we going to boycott this review as well now? Is he part of the global conspiracy for this game too.

This review is spot on.

Watch this video and listen to what he says carefully. You may not like what i say but surely he isnt biased right?

BloodAddiction3432d ago

DMC Is better than Devil may cry 4 for me get over the fact that they changed the MC yeah hes not as cool but its still a great game

GTgamer3432d ago

http://youtu.be/6BOXeFysWhM the best review of the order yall can't condemn a game for QTE and cutscenes when yall gave walking dead game of the year and heavy rain high scores for having the same thing the hypocrisy of the gaming community needs to stop. 4/10 the game gets a 5/10 by itself for being one polished a** game I beat the game twice and encountered 1 glitch where I fell through the floor where these broken games like ACunity get higher scores and that was unplayable at times I can't with you guys. stop reviewing the order as a game you wanted it to be but review the game for what it is like you would do with any telltale game or quantum dream game.anywho my biggest problem with the Game is that I wanted to explore more of the worlD But was restricted.

LOGICWINS3432d ago

@Septic- Its the Adjustment Bureau bro. They're making everyone change their review scores from 8s/9s to 5s/4s.

Someone call Mel Gibson! We got a ourselves a CONSPIRACY!

DEATHxTHExKIDx3432d ago

Cause DmC is a good game and is a blast to play

Gazondaily3432d ago


He literally said everything I have said in my review and my critiques on here. And I got so much hate for this.

And people wondered why I got p***ed off when people were deflecting the issue by calling out bias?

From the generic boss battles, to the mediocre gun battles, poor a.i, stupid and pointless QTES, lack of collectibles, stupidly restrictive level design.....everything I mentioned but people went on their defense brigade.

People say no game has been hated like The Order? Nothing has been blindly defended as this game. We have people rallying support who haven't even PLAYED THE GAME and ripped into those of us who have.

It's exasperating but it says a lot about others than the reviewers really.

rocketpanda3432d ago

What does someone's personal opinion have to do with credibility if it is their own opinion? Did you even watch the review, he brings up very poignant points. DMC certainly was not the DMC of old but offered a hell a lot more than the Order. 2 QTE boss battles, where the final one is damn re-skin of the same first battle. Go on defend that? Make that into a positive!

That game has massive potential to build on it's failures, the negatives really outweighs the positives. Joe was right on the money with his points, although I didn't expect a 4, probably 5 or 6 at best. But I can respect his views.

QuickdrawMcgraw3432d ago

I'll be danged....Finally Septic admits he is biased...

SpringHeeledJack3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


"He literally said everything I have said in my review and my critiques on here. And I got so much hate for this."

Difference is he isn't a known xbox fanboy like you. Looking at your comment history and your playstation game reviews everybody can see the pattern. Least he is impartial. You just jumped on the band wagon to get hits for your no name site.

I find it funny you now agree with angry joe after slamming him over his titanfall review. Are people only right if they see things your way?

Also your score for the order on average added up to more like 7/10 yet you rounded it down to 4/10 lol your math was completely off.

MoveTheGlow3432d ago

@SuperLupe, you obviously never fought the Fox News boss in DmC. It's fun! It's not DMC3 fun, but at least it has a satisfying story that resolves itself.

-Foxtrot3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

We get it Septic you don't like the game....

EDIT @below

Oh dear seems we've touched a nerv. Don't do the "Well if im a bias fanboy you are to to" speech. Don't bring me into it if people are calling you out.

Your talking about the games sales but no one here os doing thay. Your the only one bringing it up here. I personally couldn't give a shit about sales unlike you. If the games good its good

Gazondaily3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )


"I find it funny you now agree with angry joe after slamming him over his titanfall review. Are people only right if they see things your way? "

Eh?? Where did I slam him for his Titanfall review?

Want to make more B.S up?

"Difference is he isn't a known xbox fanboy like you. "

Care to actually point out the content of my review?

See what I mean? Fanboys can't stomach it. You cannot come up with ONE thing wrong with the substance of my review. Not ONE.

"Also your score for the order on average added up to more like 7/10 yet you rounded it down to 4/10 lol your math was completely off."

EH?? How on Earth did my review sound like a 7/10 when the only thing I really praised were the visuals?

You guys are ridiculous. Keep lying. You're making yourself look silly.


"We get it Septic you don't like the game...."

Yeah and I won't have you and your 'mates' go on a crusade convincing everyone that there is some mass conspiracy regarding this. Go and rejoice in the sales thread like everyone else is. Because, as we know from your ever-changing standards, SALES > Quality right?

Kal-V33432d ago

Keep clicking. Angry Joe demands you keep clicking..

I go to Angry Joe for "real opinions" of video games like i go to Limp Bizkit for "real music"

aLucidMind3432d ago

Yeah, and his credibility is still quite good. DmC is a good game and 7/10 is a fair score; if you actually played it then you'd understand that.

SonyPS3603432d ago

Sorry but that's a fair score and Angry Joe has a lot more credibility than most places online.

turdburgler10803432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

There you have it folks. Even angry Joe knows this game is complete and utter garbage. Can't believe people bought this lol. They should have gameflyed it. The best part of the comment section are the people who now vilify angry Joe of this review.

MysticStrummer3432d ago


"This review is spot on."

You agree with someone who agrees with you. Should anyone be surprised?

There's no more reason to boycott this review than any of the others, bad scores for good games and good scores for bad games. They're all someone else's opinions and therefore worthless to me when deciding what to play next.

Angry Joe is entertaining, but I don't find him to be any more trustworthy, meaning relevant to my taste, than any other review source. He's just another guy who has a more narrow definition of the word "game" than I care to use.

@Decrypt - Nice to see you avoid PC gaming propaganda for once, but liking the game doesn't mean someone thinks The Order should be "Sony's direction for gaming". I saw this same false concern yesterday. The Order is a nice change from the norm imo, but the norm will always sell better. I'm glad to have change of pace gaming experiences at times, and The Order is that for me.