Eight features the next PS4 update should include

MWEB GameZone writes: "According to rumours, the next big PlayStation 4 update is just around the corner. Here are eight feature we think Sony should include for 2015's PS4 updates.

What would you include in the list?"

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Sillicur2040d ago

DNLA, really should be in soon, PS4 owners should have it!

SonZeRo2040d ago

Most of these i don't really need or see the need for, just extra bling really.

Sillicur2040d ago

Well external HDD support will definately be needed in the future as gamer libraries continue to grow!

plut0nash2040d ago

I'm all for External HDD support. Improved loading times ftw.

lord zaid2040d ago

I could take it or leave it.

Sillicur2040d ago

I dont understand, take what or leave what? :)

HanCilliers2040d ago

I recon external HDD is number one

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