Will There Ever Be Another Good Sonic Game? - WTN

Sonic the Hedgehog has had a less-than-stellar lineup of games in recent years, but is it just a case of our own nostalgia being impossible to live up to, or actually bad game design?
The answer lies in Freedom Planet: a game that can remind us what it is we're looking for in Sonic games, and proves to us that the formula isn't what's wrong with modern Sonic titles.

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SegaGamer1331d ago

I'm tired of the Sonic bashing articles. People act like there hasn't be any good Sonic game since the 2D days.

Sonic games get harshly criticised in my opinion. Sonic Boom should never have happened. I was against it from day one.
But overall i think people are unfair on Sonic games. I honestly think that if Sonic wasn't a well known gaming character from the 90's people wouldn't be so harsh. The majority of Sonic games aren't bad at all.