PS4 boss Jim Ryan 2015 interview – ‘we’ve learnt an awful lot from the Driveclub experience

GameCentral speaks to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's boss Jim Ryan about broken games, day one patches, PSN, Gamergate, and the year to come for PS4.

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Ballsack2904d ago

Should hope so..releasing unfinished games tarnishes reputations

Hope they learn from the order to..the order has soo much potential I hope there's a sequel

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

It's funny how so many "journalists" are taking information from this article and not giving it credit.

Jim Ryan to GameCentral Interviewer:

"Last time we met… I enjoyed the reaction of your readership to my assertion that they were more intelligent than you were."

Spotie2904d ago

This interviewer is a complete ass. Is that how they do things in British interviews, or is it just this guy? I don't see any level of professionalism out of this dude.

I'm a fairly... fair person. I can give as good as I take, in most cases. But even in a relaxed setting, that was going too damn far.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2903d ago

Dude, I have no idea why people down voted you to one bubble. Your comments are nothing but the truth. Well said.