PS4 boss Jim Ryan 2015 interview – ‘we’ve learnt an awful lot from the Driveclub experience

GameCentral speaks to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's boss Jim Ryan about broken games, day one patches, PSN, Gamergate, and the year to come for PS4.

Ballsack3339d ago

Should hope so..releasing unfinished games tarnishes reputations

Hope they learn from the order to..the order has soo much potential I hope there's a sequel

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

It's funny how so many "journalists" are taking information from this article and not giving it credit.


Jim Ryan to GameCentral Interviewer:

"Last time we met… I enjoyed the reaction of your readership to my assertion that they were more intelligent than you were."

Spotie3339d ago

This interviewer is a complete ass. Is that how they do things in British interviews, or is it just this guy? I don't see any level of professionalism out of this dude.

I'm a fairly... fair person. I can give as good as I take, in most cases. But even in a relaxed setting, that was going too damn far.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3339d ago

Dude, I have no idea why people down voted you to one bubble. Your comments are nothing but the truth. Well said.


PS5 on Track to Become Sony's 'Most Successful Console Ever,' Says Jim Ryan

Former PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said that the PS5 is "on track" to become SIE's "most successful console ever."

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14d ago
Lightning7714d ago

Now he wants to say good things about PS after he laid off a bunch of ppl.

Real classy Jimmy.

Einhander197214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Is that the worst you can come up with? Because if I was criticizing Microsoft I could easily list a dozen things only one of which would be the 5000+ people they have fired from their gaming divisions in the past 16 months including everyone who worked on producing physical games.

Let me remind you that PS5 is selling faster than PS4, they just had the hit live service game Helldivers, Spider-Man is still charting, they have already released Granblue Fantasy, Rise of The Ronin, and Final Fantasy Rebirth and Stellar Blade is right around the corner, they also have Silent Hill and two Kojima games in the works. They also have all the big gatcha coming out of Japan, Korea and China lined up for their consoles, which let me remind you that Genshin and Honkai Star Rail made close to a billion dollars last month alone.

They also have PlayStation Portal which is selling as fast as they can make them, and just around the corner they have a 33.5tf console coming out which don't listen to the BS is going to be awesome and supporting it is going to be easy since every game already has two modes so "quality" mode will only need to be unlocked for PS5 Pro's and existing games will be able to easily have PSSR enabled for them.

So yeah, things are looking really good for PlayStation, and the second half of the generation is going to be huge when all the PlayStation developers start releasing their PS5 Pro Enabled games.

14d ago
Lightning7713d ago

"Is that the worst you can come up with?"

I'm. Sorry what? Its called facts. I forgot you love Jim Ryan even if he doesn't know or care about you. None of them do. The sooner you touch grass and grow up the better.

Ok cool so what's the point of saying all that? I know all that.

13d ago
13d ago
StormSnooper13d ago

Except it wasn’t a fact. Ryan has left PlayStation already. The layoffs that we saw with every publisher recently were after Ryan. So nice try.

Lightning7713d ago (Edited 13d ago )

"Except it wasn’t a fact. Ryan has left PlayStation already. The layoffs that we saw with every publisher recently were after Ryan. So nice try."

That was all Ryan before he left clearly. He stepped down officially a few days ago. He was doing his good byes he even took a picture with the London Studio only to shut them down days later. Don't try and shift blame or change history it was all him.

S2Killinit13d ago

Ryan left in September. 🤦

DivineHand12513d ago

I thought the layoffs were bad. It's bad when Microsoft does it and when Phil Spenser spoke about it 99% of the comments on this site were about how Xbox sucks. When someone is commenting on how Sony layoff people, you instantly find persons that run to defend Sony. This type of behavior is not good for gaming. Remain consistent in your principles no matter who is doing the wrongdoings. Stop waving your pompoms to one side because these companies don't care about you or their employees.

JackBNimble13d ago

Ryan announced it in September, he didn't leave in September.

Lightning7713d ago

Omg https://en-as-com.cdn.amppr...

Not even a few days ago just yesterday he left.

Hiroki Totoki is temporarily taking Jim's spot doing Jim's work for 7 months until he was gone April 1 . Now anymore foolish deflection from you ppl?

StormSnooper13d ago

Layoffs are bad, but we get these guys with zero credibility, who all of a sudden want to bring up layoffs because an article says something they don’t like. All the while they never bothered when MS did more than twice the layoffs after spending 68 billion to destroy multiplatform segment of gaming. The double standard SHOULD be mentioned.

Cacabunga13d ago

I just want to see those single player first party games.. i do not like the silence from ww studios

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Eonjay13d ago

I'm sure you also would say the same thing about Phil Spencer to be logically consistent.

fr0sty13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

You tell us, he laid of orders of magnitude more people than Sony did, and you remained silent.

JackBNimble13d ago

Are you guy's defending Jim Ryan just because he was part of playstation?
The guy did nothing good for the industry the entire time he was head of playstation.
It's his bad decision's that got people fired .

Lightning7713d ago

@Frost really now? Go find the article and look through the comments and you'll see my comment mocking MS. This isn't about MS though just the usual whataboutism from you.

But cool keep making up more stories it's in your head kiddo.

Funny to see Jim Ryan is suddenly a hero on here now.

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StormSnooper13d ago

Fun fact:
MS laid off 1900 employees from MS studios.
Sony laid off 900 employees from Sony Interactive Studios.

I hope you liked the classy MS after spending 68 BILLION on buying up the industry, then firing people.

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Did it upset you that PlayStation is successful?

Lightning7713d ago

I have PS so why would it upset. I'm not a weirdo did Jim Ryan do lay offs or not?

S2Killinit13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Because you always seem to be upset when PlayStation is going good.

And Ryan retired in September. Sony laid off 900 employees recently. Every other large publisher did as well, including MS which laid off the most developers at 1900.

For the sake of proving your objectivity, please show me any comment you made about how MS showed its class by laying off developers after spending 69 billion on cannabalizing the industry. No joke, did you make any comment like that?

StormSnooper13d ago

I’m pretty sure you won’t hear back from him.

Lightning7713d ago

It's your head wanna see fanboy in everyone else because you are one. Not how it works I'm afraid.

Ryan announced his retirement in September. He was still in office Hiroki was training under Ryan hence why we've heard from Hiroki and not Ryan. Ryan officially left yesterday.

That's means Ryan did those lay offs. For God sakes just google it since it's so hard hard for you to understand.

"Sony laid off 900 employees recently. Every other large publisher did as well, including MS which laid off the most developers at 1900."

Yeah... No duh...

Wait class? MS showed no class they were candid about the lay offs and their strategy. They said no patronizing words as far as I know.

Other than that I don't know what you're even talking about. What comments do I have?

S2Killinit13d ago

Haha bravo! way to ignore what I said, conveniently. But, that answers my question. You need say no more.

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Cockney13d ago

I'm sure he was saying good things about playstation before they laid people off, not sure of your point

Lightning7713d ago

He lays off ppl and shut down a studio then wants to say good things about PS, not hard to understand. He was saying good things because he worked there, of course he said good things at the company he worked for.

They all do, so I don't know what you mean.

fr0sty13d ago

You say that like Phil didn't just give thousands of people the axe while you stood in silence. We see your hypocrisy... We know you're mad that your box just got the Dreamcast treatment, but at least try to remain objective.