MONG Plays Volgarr The Viking - Rage Quit

Courtney and Erika from Middle Of Nowhere Gaming tried out Volgarr The Viking. Spoilers – they didn't do very well.

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illgrillchill1606d ago

Live streaming is awesome, and these two do a great job (Y)

Fro_xoxo1606d ago

I absolutely love this game. I'm in the 5th world. Tough as nails.

But it becomes natural after a while, as with any game deemed "hard".

TheCommentator1606d ago

The game wasn't worth the bandwidth. A throwback to the days when making games frustratingly hard was the only way to make it last longer.

Sm00thop1606d ago

Some people still like tough games like this, they require a certain amount of patience and skill. Its the reason why people love Dark Souls, its about overcoming something that can seem near impossible at the time. They give you a different set of gaming skills, I understand they're not for everyone, but they definitely have their appeal.

Moldiver1606d ago

Closest thing we will get to a modern rastan saga game. Personally I love it even though I cant seem to get past the first level. So I kinda hate it too. lol

Sm00thop1606d ago

Finished this game, it is pretty tough but very rewarding at the same time. Did a nice compilation video of me destroying all the bosses. You either love these types of games or hate them, if you do like a challenge like this, 1001 spikes is a hard game also, that game can be seriously frustrating at times, all about trial and error.