DOA 5 Last Gen vs Current Gen - Is the upgrade worth it?

A video on Youtube and a download link to the original high quality source file showing off the last gen version of Dead or Alive 5 versus the all new Dead or Alive 5 Last Round.

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itsjustexuma2306d ago

There really isn't a difference

Stiffler2306d ago

I definitely couldn't notice much of a difference. DOA 5 on next gen (current gen) looked pretty grainy and unoptimised to be honest.

Quite disapointing, I was really tempted to pick this up as I haven't played it for a good few years since back on 360.


dcj05242306d ago

Skin is better on next gen

HammadTheBeast2306d ago

You can get the free version Core Fighters, its a pretty good demo.

Army_of_Darkness2305d ago

LMFAO!! most perverted comparison ever! Hahaha!

Anyhow, I don't really see a difference aside from the next gen versions being a little smoother looking.

Yi-Long2306d ago

Just for the ridiculous DLC-milking (AGAIN!!!) it's an automatic pass for me.

If I do ever decide to pick it up, I'll make sure to buy it 2nd hand. I don't want greedy Team Ninja getting ANY of my money.

As far as the mext-gen 'upgrade' is concerned: Yet another lazy HD-port. Nothing more.

Team Ninja has really gone down the dumps after Itagaki left.

hay2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

No wish to offend but that's a ridiculous overstatement.
Base DOA5 included the most costumes than any fighting game ever, has solid fight moves and strategies to use, combo system is best of any 3d fighting game, contains satisfactory amount of modes and characters which Tekken required separate games for, and added more of it as optional DLC and that's a problem?
This isn't your Destiny or Mass Effect with cut out content. There are even community costumes.

Are you buying those bubbles through microtransaction or just having a long day?

I will get them all. I've been waiting for proper DOA game since the second one, and 5th hits the spot.

What's worrying that they might reduce this generosity in DOA6 cause phony whiners of your kind.

FullmetalRoyale2306d ago

Yeah, I prefer muscly arms and pectorals.

Preferably completely shirtless.


Stiffler2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Did someone say...muscly?

DevilOgreFish2306d ago

shhhhht, every time when i see that, man... that's so gay.


Based on, if you are upgrading to current gen., and don't plan on keeping your previous gen. console, but still want to have this game (or have a current gen. console, never had it or the previous consoles). Otherwise, why bother?


Whether it is worth upgrading to the current (next) gen. version. I guess I was just saying, not really in my own convoluted, mouth-breather way, lol. Isn't this pretty much the Ultimate version currently available for PS3?

Shineon2306d ago

Let's just face it ps4 and x1 aren't as powerful as we expected. We could pretend that they are a huge step above ps3 and 360 but we would be lying to ourselves.

Qrphe2306d ago

How old were you when the PS3 and 360 came out? I'm asking this because I felt the same way about those consoles when they came out (and I wasn't really wrong tbh).

TeaDouble_E2306d ago

More like developers not taking advantage of next Gen hardware just to cash in on sales. I'm glad I didn't buy this

HammadTheBeast2306d ago

Order 1886, enough said. It can match most mid-high end PC games with ease.

d3nworth12305d ago

This game has nothing to do with the how powerful the PS4 and XB1 are. It is a lazy port or a 3 year old game. The ps4 and XB1 can do much better than this. The fact that there are other more demanding games that achieve the same resolution and framerate are proof.

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