Tight on cash? Which of the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale deals should you buy?

Neil writes "Running alongside the usual Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is the Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale. It's live now and contains an absolute shed load of discounted titles on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. But many of us don't have the cash to splash on the whole damn lot so which are the titles you really must borrow, beg and perhaps even steal for in order to get."

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nicksetzer12279d ago

Lords of the fallen for me. Played/not interested in the rest. Had I not played most of these already there are quite a few games that are amazing deals.

Immorals2279d ago

Bought sniper elite this morning. Great game, and for a tenner I really can't complain!

MSpence5162279d ago

Bought Alien Isolation and may pick up Trials Fusion season pass for my son.

Wescyde2279d ago

Lords of the Fallen is not showing as a sale item at the moment for quite a few people if not all as of right now. So not sure whats up with that game and this sale, i dont even see the cover art for it just the title.

neil3632279d ago

I see the discounted price but only when I go in to the game fully. Otherwise shows at the normal price.

Wescyde2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I will check, i did that on my PC and it did not change. But i will try on the console.

Yah I tried and it still showed up as full price all the way to the buy screen

t-hall7852279d ago

buy it on smartglass. just type it in the search bar on the home screen. that's how i did it this morning

Wescyde2279d ago

nah it got replaced with limbo for some reason

Scatpants2279d ago

Did they ever fix the multiplayer for Master Chief Collection? If not I'll probably just pick up Lords of the Fallen. At that price I can't pass it up.

Immorals2279d ago

The remastered h2 campaign is worth the price alone, not tried multi yet!

Software_Lover2279d ago

I haven't even touched multiplayer yet. Too much single player goodness

aviator1892279d ago

Supposedly, there's a massive update releasing this month for halo mcc that's supposed to revamp online experience, sort of like the big update battlefield 4 received to kick its online play into high gear.

2279d ago
kstap332279d ago

I had great luck over the weekend playing some big team battle matches. Couldn't get in to a match in the past.

etownone2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

If your any kind of Halo fan...

This game is a must have.

Great to play the campaigns in 1080p/60fps. You'd be surprised how smooth it runs.
I already played Halo 2 & 3 again with friends.

Will play Halo 4 right before Halo 5 drops.

Plus... We'll be getting ODST for free soon too.

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The story is too old to be commented.