Damning The Order: 1886 for its short length is the reason why gaming may never evolve

Spec Ops: The Line. Halo 3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

What do all of these games have in common?

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JoeMcCallister2049d ago

I feel like all the stories blasting The Order for length are focused on the 5 hour mark, when it seems like the site that posted the mark in the first place blasted through it and DS said that's if you skip everything you can - who plays a game like that?

I'll be picking it up day one, and will take my time soaking up the environment, setting, animations, everything that RaD has taken time to create there. The point that the three titles mentioned as having under 9 hour play times while factually true, ignores that all the games have multiplayer which arguable extends the life and playtime.

vishmarx2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

itll be sad if people genuinely avoid the game for that alone,
spec ops the line was a bloody masterpiece, too bad the marketing was piss poor and it carried the no mp,5hr sp stigma.
well atleast the order has marketing part covered so the game will sell well and the devs wont have to suffer

@jalva. i know that. but it was nothing but a terrible tacked on component that the devs themselves criticized

Jalva2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Spec Ops: The Line had multiplayer.


I just said it had multiplayer, I didn't say it was any good...

imt5582049d ago

But MP is shit in Spec Ops, Jalva. So, what's the point having a bad MP?

Der_Kommandant2048d ago

Sadly 2K forced Yager to include MP in Spec Ops The Line

Naga2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

The author has a valid argument regarding the way our demands can stifle creative vision by requiring it to fit into a particular sized box. However, I think there's also some merit to the claim that a developer ought to be cognizant of the prices they charge in light of how much value the consumer will receive.

There's certainly a middle ground to be found in there, and I think I would like to see some games with reduced prices in light of that consideration. A slightly reduced price could certainly help in overcoming any undeserved playtime stigma and provide an opportunity for these games to receive the positive attention they deserve.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I hope the people who are excited about this game and those who lost interest can see beyond all the constant hate this game has got prior release and realize it could be a great game. Just how fast negative articles about this game pop up on this site and how every story is almost the same with different titles makes make me think that there's something fishy going on.

I'm getting this game because since it was announce, I've been getting a amazing-story vibe that I would like to experience. If the game has standard or average TPS gameplay, then fine. The Story will be its saving grace. I like story driven experiences and try new stuff, and The Order is neither the first nor the last game that has had this approach.

showtimefolks2048d ago

We WANT A NEWS IP. But when one is about yo cone out let's bash it. Let's keep buying the sane sequels yearly but to look cool we should talk about wanting new ip's

I hope order 1886 dOes really El to out slap on faces of those who ate so dam stuck on game length

Here I will explain

It's a 5 hours game if you run though it and skip the cut sceneS. There are some linear parts but there are also some open ares

on normal it will take good 10 plus hours so please stop beating the dead horse

MysticStrummer2048d ago

"I feel like all the stories blasting The Order for length are focused on the 5 hour mark, when it seems like the site that posted the mark in the first place blasted through it and DS said that's if you skip everything you can - who plays a game like that?"

Exactly, yet people seize on this one video as if YouTube wasn't full of videos that make games look much shorter than they really are. It's just plain idiotic, but that's the nature of the troll. I was watching streams of The Order last night and there were more than a few reports of play time between 9 and 12 hours, but no let's take this one speed run as the "real" time. smh @ the current state of "gamers".

shammgod2048d ago

Well said. I typically take my time with all games. Usually when someone drops a game length quote I can double it easily. I like to replay chapters and take my time searching everything and taking screen shots of environments

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Game0N2049d ago

This game is going to separate the gamers from the true game enthusiasts. Those that will see this game for what it is, no matter duration just for the story and experience and those that will not bother because it doesn't cater to their whims by not having MP or 20hr playthrough. We will see who sees gaming as art and who sees it as time killer.

BlackTar1872049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

It's funny to talk about length then if you really look at how Many games have stories under 6-7 hrs.

People are pathetic with the story. I remember people saying it about MGS4 one of the very best games last gen and the truth is it's all jealousy and that's it. Sad little loser fanboys with an agenda.

MysticStrummer2048d ago

"it's all jealousy"

That's been my impression for sure. The jealousy and fear of this game is real, and it would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. All it's done is make me take a closer look at all the available videos and info about the game and make me want it. I already had a low opinion of gaming journalism so the intense fud campaign has only further confirmed that opinion.

uth112048d ago

That's exactly it, fear of this game. People don't put this much energy into bashing something that sucks, they just don't. They do it when they are afraid of the power of something.

I'm not sure it's just fanboys acting on their own. Organized FUD campaigns aren't unheard of- The amount of hate this game gets is simply ridiculous.

Silly gameAr2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

I could have swore I passed an article the other day that was talking about someone organizing a group that hates on anyone that plays on anything other then xbox. If people are willing to sink that low, then that should tell you something about the state that gaming is in.

Irishguy952048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Bargin bin game though. Or a rent

MysticStrummer2048d ago

That's definitely not what I'm seeing. I'm trading in Metro Redux and Battlefield 4 for The Order today.

UnHoly_One2048d ago

That's what I plan to do.

My decision has nothing to do with the game length, though.

I just haven't seen anything compelling about the game that makes me think it's going to be something great. Just my opinion of course, but other than the graphics (which are phenominal), it hasn't shown me much.

DivoJones2048d ago

Gamefly. It was made for games like this, and Wolfenstein, Ryse, and Bioshock Infinite. Good games, but little/no replay value and any game that can be finished off in 1-2 sessions is too short for a $60 price point.

Silly gameAr2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

There's no guarantee that you well get the games that you want to rent, plus there are people that would rather support game devs that make game experiences that people enjoy to kind of make sure that the company can make more games for people to enjoy, you know?

What you consider short, others consider worth the price of admission. What makes you buy a game that you want to play? A game with a tacked on MP? A game with a story that drags on and on with no end in sight? A game that's pretty much a fetch quest? I'm curious.

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Big_Game_Hunters2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

"Those that will see this game for what it is" a 5 hour interactive movie with a Hollywood action flick tier cliche story?

Honestly ,how dare you say someone isn't a true game enthusiast for not wanting to play what seems to barely even be a game at all.

Volkama2049d ago

I'll be happy enough for games to evolve into any range of shapes or sizes. But the prices should evolve with them...

BlackTar1872049d ago


I don't know how old you are but gaming is still cheaper then it used to be.

SNES games could cost anywhere from $60-$80 or more depending on the game. There is less years where games where cheaper then $60 then there are when they were more expensive then $60 and guess what at 5hr for $60 it's already cheaper then most SNES Sega genesis games and those could be speed run in an hr.

Volkama2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Age doesn't really come into it, and the industry today is barely similar to the NES days...

The fixed retail price of games is a problem not because gaming is too expensive. It is a problem because it has a detrimental impact on the quality of games. Developers shouldn't be burdened with trying to justify a $60 price tag. They should be encouraged to make the game they want to make, the game they are passionate to make. Then they should charge a fair price for what it is.

That isn't the same as whining that I want the hobby to be cheaper.

Bennibop2049d ago

@Blacktar you are right games nowadays are more expensive to develop so back in the 90's we were really being ripped off. The cost of developing the engine for The Order must be significant but the good news for any potential sequel they will be able to add more content as there already is an existing engine.
The internet has spoilt most gamers with content but this does not mean every game has to follow suit!

BlackTar1872049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


Are you the person they should be talking to about what they should feel is a fair price for their work?

I think you're taking the entitled tagline a bit to the letter.


I agree. Just imagine $80 back then was like $100+ today. Games are much bigger more detailed and more scrutinized. If people acted like they do today gaming would have never left the SNES and would have died back then.

Volkama2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Why yes, I am precisely the person they should be talking to. Well, me and every other gamer. Indirectly, via the publisher's marketing team. I'm not suggesting I should just pay whatever I feel like paying, but consumer opinion probably should factor in if the publisher has any sense.

My whole point was that I don't think it makes sense for publishers to set a price completely independent to what the game offers, and I think it is even less healthy for a publisher to say "we're charging $60 for this so you had best make it longer". How do I sound remotely entitled?

Death2048d ago

You guys aren't looking at the cost of media and factoring it into the price. With some of the SNES/N64 carts, the cartridge alone was $30. This left $30-$40 for the publisher and retailer. Today you or I could go on Amazon and buy a Blu-ray case and disc for about $1. Of course we need to factor inflation into the mix also which should have increased game prices if it weren't for the reduction in media costs. I wouldn't call it a wash, but it's not as simple as saying prices haven't increased in the past 20 or so years.

As for the Order being panned by some gamers because it's too short, that is up to gamers isn't it? We all define value differently. Some people are not willing to pay $60 for 5 hours of gaming. It is up to the developer to provide value to consumers. If the game doesn't sell well and is received poorly, that is the result of decisions made by the developer and their publishing partner.

If there is an agenda against all things Playstation that is artificially creating negative press or "hate", then that is something that shouldn't be tolerated by any gamers. At the same time if these are legitimate expressed opinions of gamers, what makes their opinions less valuable than those saying 5 hours without platinum and 9 hours with is ok?

Personally I don't think making games shorter is an evolution of gaming. The Last of Us set a very high bar last generation of what consumers should expect of a triple A game. The Order lacks multiplayer, co-op which would have been great for Share Play, and is relatively short. When you add on the heavy reliance on cut scenes you are left with a youtube vid that has 2.5 hours of gameplay and about 2.5 hours of cut scenes. I'm not sure how you can market that at $60.

Letthewookiewin2048d ago

I bought Secret of Mana for like $70 when I was 10. Genesis games were $49.99 and I beat most of them within hours. I'm 33 now, talk to me about gaming I'll let these youngsters now how good it is now. By the way can't wait for The Order.

Death2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )


I bought Destiny a few months ago for $60. I have hundreds of hours into it. Gaming has evolved a little since the '80s and game size is no longer restricted to cartridge based media. You can't make a blanket excuse for a game with a couple hours of game play today when so many other games exist that offer much more value. You and I may be ok spending $60 for a couple hours of fun, but many "youngsters" are on a much tighter budget and they most likely perceive value differently. It is up to the developer to offer as much value as possible to attract a wider range of gamers. As we see more stories hit from people that completed the game, it is looking more and more like the developer missed the mark on providing value the appeals to a larger audience. As you know this is all speculation until the game releases and people have the opportunity to actually buy it. Sales will determine how many see value in the product.

uth112048d ago

Atari 2600 games were often created by one guy in 6 weeks, they were primitive and most fit into a 4K cartridge. Yes 4 kilobytes! For that they charged $30 (about $85 in today's dollars)

Games today spend years in development, have more content than ever, their price is falling in real dollars. Yet so many gamers are convinced they are getting ripped off, when they have never had it so good in terms of how much content you get when you buy that game.

Death2048d ago

The Atari 2600 also sold 30 million consoles from the mid 70's to 1990. The PS4 sold more than half the amount in less than a year. There are many, many more gamers today than there were in the days of the 2600. Perhaps those games released at $85 in todays money is the reason why the market crashed. I'm not sure how quick I would be to justify a game today with the 2600 era.

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2048d ago
Jaqen_Hghar2048d ago

Sony tried to experiment last gen with $30 R&C Nexus, $40 Puppeteer, and $40 Sly 4. Those 3 games it didn't seem to help with the sales compared to the launch revenue they lost. Now that was largely due to marketing not being present at all but still you can see Sony experimented with it and was punished financially.

Volkama2048d ago

Yes there have always been little examples dotted around. Rockstar's table tennis game was a good price, and did benefit from that.

The golden standard is PC gaming, where game prices do already run the gamut. But PC gaming is largely free from physical distribution so it's a bit easier to be flexible. No manufacture and distribution costs, no Gamestop wanting their cut.

Things like Child of Light suggest the console ecosystem can support a similar model, but it will be a while before AAA games become part of it.

ion6662049d ago

Dude I'm sony all the way, I love the last of us and uncharted series but this game is too short and not that very fun. I saw the 5 hour story.and I can say with certainty that if anyone expects to do anything different than what the guy did in the videos.....Your gonna have a bad time. Its cover, shoot,push, move,rinse and repeat. It does not try to do anything new. Please purchase this game at a lower price tag.Because if everyone is expecting a journey of a game. I have say it does'nt go past the grocery store.

Game0N2049d ago

how did you find it "not fun" if you haven't played it yourself? This is really upsetting and unfair to the order.

ion6662049d ago

hey its your money. Please comeback and say the gameplay is amazing. You've been warned.

Repjaws2048d ago

Wow you watched the whole game?That just proves that you never had the intention of buying the game.

no_more_heroes2048d ago

I've watched complete LPs of P3 (FES and Portable) and P4G a grand total of 4 times. Currently watching another LP of P4G (my third one).

If I still had my ps3, I'd have bought P3FES from PSN after the first LP. I am currently saving up for a Vita so that I can buy and play P4G.

MysticStrummer2048d ago

"Please comeback and say the gameplay is amazing. You've been warned."

Hmmm well I guess I can take your word for it, or I can watch some streams (which are already happening with early copies) and see that the game looks great and the people like it. It's funny how many trolls show up in stream chat too.

I'm pretty confident that the game will be substantially longer than 5 hours, but go ahead and keep on repeating it like it's fact. I'm curious though, why is the short time report valid in your view but the longer ones aren't? Don't say it's because of that video, because YouTube is full of videos that make games look much shorter than they are.

Re-versed2048d ago

what a truly idiotic personality you are my friend...

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marcindpol2049d ago

Short single player games are a rent only for me. Want to play this to check out my brand new tb elite 800's.