Hyper Void Review (Video Chums)

Review for Hyper Void on PlayStation 3. It'll take a great deal of firepower to tame this tempest. Arcade shooters are a dime a dozen but very few draw inspiration from Atari's Tempest. Hyper Void offers plenty of satisfying gameplay that more than fills this gap in the market, but is it worth exploring the void or should you keep your ship docked?

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Get a free PSVR Game via December’s Free PS Plus Games

In an unprecedented (and slightly baffling) move, Sony has quietly included a PSVR game in December’s selection of “free” games offered by Playstation Plus.

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Nu2542d ago

I recommend you "Switch" to the One

GrimmyReaper2543d ago

"slightly baffling" you say?

I dunno, to me it just sounds like they are trying to push VR more. Which for those with no interest, means the value of PS+ is even lower this month. Great.

onkelgunter2543d ago

There are several other titles this month.

FunAndGun2543d ago

It is VR compatible and can still be played by anyone with a PS4 and without VR. It is a bonus for anyone with PSVR and takes nothing away from those who don't have PSVR.

On top of all that, you are expecting way too much value for your $5.00/month. If you can't get $5.00 worth of enjoyment out of Plus titles each month then cancel your sub.

GrimmyReaper2543d ago

Think I'm going to.
PS+ was much better during PS3 and I am hardly the only one who feels that way.

Is that okay? Is it okay I have a different opinion than you?

Utalkin2me2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )


"I dunno, to me it just sounds like they are trying to push VR more. Which for those with no interest, means the value of PS+ is even lower this month. Great."

Sorry, thats not a opinion. That's you being jealous and trying to make a opinion out of something that is the complete opposite. If we want to get technical about it offers more value for the more money. Cause not only can people play without VR, the people that have purchased PSVR can experience it with VR. Those are facts and not opinion like you tried to say.

P.S. Please do cancel. Better yet, just sell it and purchase a different console. Im sure that would make you much happier. It's obvious you dont have PS+ anyways, or you would have known you could play it with Vr or without.

KickSpinFilter2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

16 cents a day that's to expensive to have MP and some games tossed to you every month :}
I mean shit my coffee is $2.75 a day, and that works out to $717.75 weekdays a year
I guess I'll stop drinking my 2nd coffee for one year and buy 12 PSN+ cards, what the hell I'll do it at full price instead of waiting for a sale! Then I'll be good till 2029. By that time there will be flying cars and I can get away from you friggin entitled millennials!

Muzikguy2543d ago

Would that be bad if they're trying to push VR? I don't think it is

Christopher2543d ago

How does the value decrease when it's playable as a non-VR title?

thejigisup2543d ago

Because poor math, lack of common sense, and keyboard rabble trousers.

cell9892543d ago

$5 miserable dollars is too much for you? What are you doing with a PS4 then? Lol

rainslacker2543d ago

They already had 2 games per system. This is just an added game to the list. How has the value decreased?

IamTylerDurden12542d ago

Grimmy, you are dead wrong bc Hyper Void can be played in VR and without VR. It can be played on PS3, PS4, and PSVR.

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Phoenix762543d ago

Ive already added this to my library along with any other free piece of software on the store. Did the same with my ps3 and when I brought my daughter a PS Vita last year, I had a massive back catalog of games for it.

thejigisup2543d ago

This is the only way to do it. Any other way is way wrong.