ScreamRide Demo for Xbox One - Now Available

For those of you interested in downloading the ScreamRide demo it has become available a little early for some. Most will be happy to know it is available through the Xbox One store by searching for Scream.
The size of the download is 2.91GB and did not take very long to download it entirely. Enjoy!

Thatguy-3103411d ago

Quick xbox gamers give the order a rest and focus on your upcoming games.

vega2753411d ago

I'm pretty sure the demo is longer than the orders whole campaign.

Thatguy-3103411d ago

That's fine. Enjoy the story for me I envy you. Cheers ;)

Nirvana315913411d ago

If rather have a short good game than a long trashy one

christocolus3411d ago


but why are you here Sir?you are trolling and your comment isnt even related to this topic so you are also offtopic.

UKmilitia3411d ago

build a rollercaoster and then smash them up WOW.
what a waste of time.

all never been done!!!!!

because its crap and nobody would want to make it.

halfblackcanadian3411d ago

You say "never been done" as if you can just go back and play something like this rift now. This is an updated take on a couple older franchises' mechanics with some new destruction tech. Why the hate. It's actually a fun little distraction (though I don't think I'd buy it for $40, but that's just me)

GearSkiN3411d ago

@dboyc310 so imma try this game and getting the order,

Can you do the same?

3-4-53411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

As an RCT fan.... I've been waiting for something like this for a long time now.

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christocolus3411d ago

I havent been able to download the demo yet but would like to get impressions from those who have. anyone tried it out yet?

aviator1893411d ago

I'm just about to dl it.
I'll let you know once I've had some time with it.

lemoncake3411d ago

demo has three modes,

one where you ride a roller coaster and have to get a high score, it's quite basic.
Second is where you throw things with people in them to destroy buildings, the destruction is quite good.
Third is probably the main one which is you building a rollercoaster

Personally by the time I got through the demo that was enough for me, it will appeal to some but it wasn't for me.

ScorpiusX3411d ago

Been playing since yesterday the 3 modes are fun , it's just way especially as the engineer. Give a ride see for yourself.

aviator1893411d ago

Ok, so I played the demo last night.
And I personally dig it. Had a blast with it.
I'd compare it to the trials games (in terms of sharing, building, community potential).
The physics are great, the racing is a bit like burnout paradise, the customization and building is pretty much limitless, and the ability to share worlds is probably going to be what extends the replay value a ton.

Give it a go for yourself. I recommend it.

christocolus3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

@aviator and castillo

Thanks a lot guys. it sounds like fun.i'll give it a try.

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crazychris41243411d ago

Its nice to finally get a demo, wish more games would do this.

ThatOneRiggaNob3411d ago

I think devs are scared that if they release a demo it will turn away sales.

marlinfan103411d ago

Demo mightve saved me $40. It's pretty fun but not worth the price tag imo. Maybe once it drops down to about $20

Tedakin3411d ago

Played demo. It's cool... but not 40 dollars cool.

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