Ranking 2015's Xbox One Exclusives from Worst to First

COG writes - 2015 was a banner year for Xbox One exclusives and although 2016 looks to be even better we take the time to rank the 2015 games from worst to first.

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COGconnected3081d ago

Too bad Starpoint Gemini 2 was so low on that list. I enjoyed that game.

MercilessDMercer3081d ago

I just want tomb raider!!! Be a year already!

vikingland13081d ago

@ Mercless
It's a great game, evidently though you don't want it because of the disagree smh.

Digital_Anomaly3081d ago

Haha... I disagree with you! You don't want that game! I know what's best for you!

The disagree fairy prowls N4G in all forms it seems, haha.

GrapesOfRaf3081d ago

Ya it looks pretty good. At least it's only timed exclusive.

Kribwalker3081d ago

I would have put halo over tomb raider on the MP alone. Otherwise it's a pretty good list

lastking953081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Was about to post the same thing. They better make an ori 2. Such a good game, I started a second play through but halo 5 has took all my attention.

OldGuyStillGaming3081d ago

How could Sunset Overdrive not be at least top 10 best?
Hell.. I'd give it top 5 Xbox one games so far

lastking953081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

*2015 Sunset was 2014. You're right about it being a top 5 xbox game. First quarter of it starts out kinda boring but gets better and better afterwards.

OldGuyStillGaming3081d ago

Sorry, you are correct
I got confused because I got mine months after release


Elite Dangerous: Outrage Sparks as Players Can Buy Ships with Real Money

In a highly controversial decision developer Frontier has made the decision to allow players to buy ships with real money in their long running game Elite: Dangerous, sparking outrage amongst the community.

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Playing Ori Games On Xbox Game Pass Does Not Help The Studio, Claims Moon Studios CEO

The Ori and the Blind Forest studio CEO has asked the fans to purchase the game instead to completely support it.

Terry_B106d ago

oh really. The Microsoft /Game Pass Dream Bubble is bursting, eh?

Outside_ofthe_Box106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I've been told that this is an outlier and 99% of devs feel the opposite of what moon studios is saying right here.

thorstein106d ago

"It can be? If you're a smaller dev and get an upfront fee to put your game on gamepass and it blows up, that's great.

I merely pointed out that Moon would make no money at this point from people playing Ori on gamepass - so not the best way to support us!" - Thomas Mahler, Moon Studios

Asplundh106d ago

"This is the exact argument people have been saying about GP for years now"

It's not. Moon studios had no say in their game going on GamePass, because it's a 2nd party game and Microsoft own the Ip and games. Moon was paid for developing the games and presumably get a cut of sales, GamePass is hurting their sales but this is a different situation.

106d ago
Lightning77105d ago

Because it is. You can name on one hand the studios GP doesn't help.

GamerRN105d ago

They make no money because they were already paid an upfront fee. So they MADE money, but make no additional money.

Markusb33105d ago

yeah of course because people renting games and not buying them is so much better for studios.
Microsoft has conditioned people not to pay for their hobby or at least not to pay to own anything

Outside_ofthe_Box105d ago


"They make no money because they were already paid an upfront fee. So they MADE money, but make no additional money."

So it's a good thing that they make no additional money despite their game having continued success well after the initial payment?

Einhander1972105d ago


"Because it is. You can name on one hand the studios GP doesn't help."

Just in the past few months we have had statements from Larian, 2k and now Moon Studios (as well another indie studio that released it's game pass but I can't remember who it was) have made similar statements recently about the effect of subscriptions on sales and profitability.

Heck you recently saw in Insomniac's leaked slides that after games were put on subscriptions the sales of the games almost totally dried up, which is something they have publicly been saying for years. And on top of that even though xbox fans constantly deny it, Microsoft leaks as well as their own statements and actions (like putting thier games on rival platforms) clearly show that putting games on subscriptions lowers the potential profit of a game.

It's time to accept the reality that the long term effect of subscriptions has been lowered revenue and profit for game sales almost universally across the board.

Credible research and information keeps showing that people don't buy games that are on subscriptions and more and more people don't buy games they suspect are coming to subscriptions.

RGB105d ago

Look into Outriders situation, unless you are a very small indie dev, gamepass loses money for everyone involved, including Microsoft.

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Obscure_Observer106d ago

"oh really. The Microsoft /Game Pass Dream Bubble is bursting, eh?"

I don´t think Sony agrees, because they´ll continue and release yet another brand new MBL game on Gamepass day one for the fourth time in a row!

Crows90106d ago

Because they have a choice right?

106d ago
Christopher106d ago

That's not by Sony's choice... This is a poor argument.

notachance106d ago

dude just randomly mention sony out of nowhere lol

Obscure_Observer106d ago (Edited 106d ago )


"Because they have a choice right?"

Yes they do. They could say no. Nobody is forcing Sony to make MLB games to Xbox at gun point, especially day one on Gamepass.


"That's not by Sony's choice..."

Of course, it´s their choice. They could just said *no* to MLB and made their own baseball game just like EA did.

Besides, It´s a GaaS title after all and one of the most played on Xbox. So it´s not really hurting Sony in any way, and I´m 100% positive that they relly love those fat checks from MS.

"This is a poor argument."

You can say that, but, the Interesting and undeniable fact is that after four years making MBL games available on Gamepass day one, nobody from San Diego studio got fired in Sony´s recent wave of layoffs.

Just food for the brain.

106d ago
Elda106d ago

That's not a business choice that was decided by Sony, that decision was decided by the MLB. Sony will reap the rewards only because Sony's first party developers (Sony San Diego Studios) develops The Show. If it wasn't for the MLB licensing contract of The Show the game would still be exclusive to PS.

outsider1624105d ago

"Of course, it´s their choice. They could just said *no* to MLB and made their own baseball game just like EA did."

Well this isn't EA, they lost the license to Fifa, not Fifpro, or the premiere league or champions league or the euros.

MLB I'm guessing (i don't play baseball) is the only licence to it. They have no choice, indeed. American gamers will want authentic teams im sure.

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KwietStorm_BLM105d ago

The jokes write themselves