The Split Between Gaming and eSports

ESPN President John Skipper says eSports aren't a real Sport? Which is why some might say eSports don't "belong" in Gaming Culture? Is there really a separation between gamers and eSport enthusiasts?

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A Conversation with Smash Bros Legend MKLeo: Before & After Genesis 8

COGconnected's Jacob Greenwood interviews Super Smash Brother's player MKLeo, the best player in the world, about Genesis 8.

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Expanded Regions for the BLAST Premier 2021 Fall Qualifiers

It is time to start preparing for the BLAST Premier 2021 Fall Season. The big news today is the region expansion for the series.

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Overwatch: May Melee Tournament - Bracket and Schedule

The May Melee has been going for quite a while now and we finally have a bracket set for the final stage of the competition.

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