Persona 5 Looks Promising, But These 5 Features Would Make It Even Better

Persona 5 blew everyone away with its gameplay trailer, but what does the full game need to blow us all away again?

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Yi-Long1366d ago

6: Include the option to play the game in the original Japanese language, instead of dub-only.

Especially considering the big anime fan-base it has, a big part of which prefers the original language with subs.

CaspuR1366d ago

Persona eng dub is actually good, i think the most popular reason why people watch anime in eng sub is beacuse most of the time it sounds phoned in, i have no problem watching english dub if its done right.

WildArmed1366d ago

Yeah, Persona series has a great team for english dubs.

Wish I could say the same for Dynasty Warriors....

Yi-Long1366d ago

It's not a question of quality. I'm sure it's great for a dub.

I feel we should ALWAYS get the option for the original language.

Just think of a show like South Park or The Simpsons. Obviously it's been dubbed into A LOT of languages, and I'm sure there have been some great voice-actors doing the best job they could on that. However, even though they might come as close as possible, you'll still not actually have Homer's voice. Or Bart's voice. And in the translation, some jokes are lost, some nuances can't be made, some concessions will have been made so the lips will sync up, etc etc.

It's 2015. We have a huge amount of space on discs. We can downloads endless GB's of extra data.

We should get THE OPTION to play these games with the original voices, and subs.

I'm not saying they should remove the dub, or that the dub is crap. That's not the issue. I'm saying we as consumers should get the choice, the option, to also be able to play the game in the original language.

Just like we want from our movies, our TV-shows, our cartoons and anime, etc etc.

Heyxyz1366d ago

I've been practically begging for this every time Atlus announces a game. Sadly, I don't think it'll happen. Why is it that NIS can give you BOTH Japanese and English even though it's smaller than Atlus and Bandai Namco (another company that only gives us English)?

Inception1365d ago

"Especially considering the big anime fan-base it has, a big part of which prefers the original language with subs"

Nope, it's only a minority who prefer original language. Big part of Persona fans outside japan already happy if the game got localized.

"It's 2015. We have a huge amount of space on discs. We can downloads endless GB's of extra data"

Read this

The main problem is not about disk space, but more on the japanese voice actors side who had different regulations / rules about licensing their voices outside japan.

Some publishers like Xseed already explained it over and over about why sometimes it's a pain in the ass on putting japanese voices in their games.

Not to mention the publishers need to pay double if they want to put dual dub in their games. English dubbing itself is pretty expensive, especially if they use popular voice actor like Troy Baker, Nolan North, and such. I even can't imagine how much they need to pay for japanese dubs.

That's why i'm glad the majority of Persona fans outside japan keep supporting the game even if Atlus USA didn't put japanese dub in Persona 1-4.

Xavior_Reigns1366d ago

Good points but honestly this could've been done on one page instead of multiple. Anyways I'll like to add a customizable main character option, similar to the Mass Effect series.

CaspuR1366d ago

I want social links to make more sense. As much as I love social links from persona 3 and 4, it makes no sense that the moment ur the closest with someone is literally the moment the game tells you theres no point in talking with this person anymore.
Also it would be cool if you had a choice who you became friends with/allow in your party. It would be nice if party members had a conflict and you had to choose a side to be on.
Another thing that would be cool is if a party member doesnt really like the protagonist. Kinda like how junpei got jealous of the protagonist in P3, but i want a dynamic like that elaborated on more in the future.

kratoz12091366d ago

Well the game is not out yet....
So you never know.

OrangePowerz1366d ago

The only feature I want is the one that Yi Long already posted, the option for Japanese voice overs. The English ones are very good, but I would still like to have the option for Japanese.

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