The Gaming Industry Needs a Makover

PYB: Regardless of the pro-consumer policies by both Sony and Nintendo, the gaming landscape has changed. The current business model would greatly benefit from a makeover.

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joyride911344d ago

Interesting arguments here. While each generation gives us incredible new gaming experiences, I would still prefer the era when gaming was simple and times were innocent. Why can't the KISS approach work today?

JoeMcCallister1344d ago

I agree, but there aren't any real revelations here, the article just kind of talks about how the 90's were great because we got full experiences. Which is in part true but there were always broken games, and exploitative titles that were pumped out for no reason other than to cash in.

Budgets have gone astronomical indeed but margins are becoming much thinner for physical releases, retailers have a strangle hold on pricing for digital goods because pubs/devs don't want to piss them off, and players just expect a lot more.

I also don't get the jabs that only the PS4 is a dev-friendly system, and mentioning the Xbone DRM thing just seem weird and out of place with the arguments posed.

joyride911344d ago

its likely the author is trying to balance the good with the bad. I doubt we will go back to the 90s business model unfortunately.

TGF_Zero1344d ago

i think in 3 or 4 years, the ps4 and xbox one will be hitting their strides.

saadd201343d ago

Anyone remember the Commodore 64? the diskettes and cassette tapes? It was the coolest gaming PC of the 80s!

GreetingsfromCanada1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

This guy is salty that in 2013 people would need to a HDTV to use a ps4 or x1. Also I would rather not get into the fact (again) that games cost NOTHING to produce in the 1990s while simultaneously costing MUCH more. Yes, DLC has to be done better in a lot of games, but cosmetic DLC is effective and here to stay.

saadd201343d ago

its too many microtransactions now. publishers may think we are lazy to finish games and unlock items so they tell us to pay a small price to 'unlock all' or some season pass bs. at the end of the day, all this adds up and you have paid close to $100 for a game!

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