Wired: ScreamRide on Xbox One - build, ride and destroy insane coasters

ScreamRide has a definite case of multiple personality disorder, but in the best way. Developed by Cambridge-based Frontier Developments, the upcoming Xbox One game fuses seemingly incompatible genres rollercoaster management, racing, puzzle, action, construction sim into an unlikely whole.

aviator1893351d ago

Honestly can't wait to try out the demo later tonight.
Love these sort of games.

christocolus3351d ago

same here. the previews have been really good.

Software_Lover3351d ago

This would be great with their AR device. Building coasters on your living room floor and watching them go.


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MadLad652d ago

Like this system. Usually get a free $20 or more every month.


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There are a whole ton of them and surely this is the week for you to crack open the wallet?"

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oKidUKo2909d ago

Quite a big sale but not entirely convinced all are decent deals. Glad to see the 360 gets a few more offers this week. I wish Screamride was on sale by itself!

2909d ago
Volkama2909d ago

Gears Ultimate Day 1 Edition? I can understand picking up day 1 physical editions at later dates, that were stuck in the retail channel for whatever reason. Late "day 1" digital sales make no sense at all though.

Pastorfuzz2909d ago

State of Decay on Xbone is great.

OldGuyStillGaming2909d ago

This is the 5th or 6th time they've had Battlefront on "sale" in the last few months
Still overpriced imo


For Your Amusement – Screamride

Colm Ahern: "The phrase, “on rails”, is perfect for Screamride. The roller coaster, Xbox One exclusive, came out last year and is the latest title to get the once over, here on For Your Amusement."

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