Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition Confirmed for PS4

A remastered edition of Darksiders II is in development for next-gen systems, its publisher Nordic Games has confirmed.

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KimikoGaming1340d ago

Hopefully it isn't just Darksiders 2. A Darksiders Definitive Collection for PS4 would be great

spacedelete1340d ago

i don't understand how games like Darksiders and Sleeping dogs get remastered when games like RDR and Fallout aren't. its not like Darksiders was even that great. damn this awful gen i doubt we will get many if at all original games.

KimikoGaming1340d ago

Both Darksiders were actually pretty good. I'd rather play them than many other games that have come out.

The large amount of remasters this gen is because of this gen not being backwards compatible. There will be a lot, but there are also a ton of next gen exclusives coming out this year.

Magicite1340d ago

some games that flopped sales wise are being remastered in order to have a 2nd chance of getting profit.

AliTheSnake11339d ago

Skyrim is getting remastered. They will announce it at E3.

Grell5661340d ago

Darksiders? Hell yes. Darksiders2? meh...

SmielmaN1340d ago

Really? I thought DS2 was awesome and way better than the first. Different strokes for different folks I suppose. Darksiders 2 was a great game

KiwiViper851339d ago

I too think DS1 is better than DS2.

Funny that Metacritic has them both @ 83 (360)

MilkMan1340d ago

Bought this for WiiU for $8 bucks and I already owned it for X360 before that. For the WiiU works and looks beautifully. So, unless there's is a ton of extra content, forget it.

On the other hand, this may be a way to generate some cash to start the process to make Darksiders 3.

Still, you gotta give me more. A hell of a lot more. The WiiU version had it all. Sooo....

Deep-throat1340d ago

The WiiU version wasn't that good. Disappointing to say the least.

Inferior framerate and sub-HD.

MilkMan1340d ago

Ill have to disagree. The HD was just fine. I know cause I compared them both side by side on my screen. I have both of them running HDMI, the 360 and the WiiU. Graphically you cant see ANY difference what so ever.
Now, that the WiiU stutters FROM TIME TO TIME this is true, but it is specific to when you have more than 30 or 40 enemies on screen at once WITH one or two spells running simultaneously AND you are doing your acrobatic killing.

and when I say stutter I mean like a millisecond.
So $8 bucks for ALL the DLC, the same fidelity as the 360 and a little stuttering when the screen is so packed I cant even see my character.

Yeah, that's a GREAT deal.

(that was a sale price by the way, its back to normal now)

My point is, that the game is GREAT no matter the platform I bought it twice.

But unless they are adding tons, and I mean tons of new stuff, I cant see what this edition is. Especially considering that this game is 2.5 times larger than part 1.

zsquaresoff1340d ago

Didn't play any Darksider games so will definitely check them out. Hopefully, they're priced right.

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The story is too old to be commented.