Top 7 Video Game Hardware Designs

GR: It's what's inside that counts... right?


I don't know about you, but I'm a shallow gamer... at least in some respects. You see, I want my hardware to look pretty. Over the years, we seen some really ugly consoles and handhelds, but we've also been graced with a few artistic masterpieces.

I'm feeling positive today, so let's run through some of the very best-looking video game hardware designs of all time. Stay tuned for a future entry in which we go over some of the worst.

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MrSwankSinatra1343d ago

GameCube was awesome, easily my favorite console when it came to portability. I lugged that black box (my gamecube was black) everywhere.

acharlez1342d ago

For sure!

What other consoles were you a fan of??

acharlez1342d ago

Black, purple, platinum, or spice orange?

insertcoin1342d ago

The Vita definitely deserves to be up there. It's just sad it hasn't gotten a lot of love from Sony or otherwise in the past year or so.

knifefight1342d ago

The GameCube was a marvel of console beauty, that's for sure.