SickBrick Review I GoodGameHR

Another Croatian indie game has come to Steam, but it takes a little bit more to make a hit of it.


Bundle Stars Releases FPS Bulletproof Bundle

The Bundle Stars are back with the FPS Bulletproof Bundle. This gets you SickBrick, Dead Effect, Dementium II HD, Ubersoldier II, Fancy Skulls, NecroVision and NecroVision Lost Company, Parkan II, Heavy Fire: Afghanistan, Axis Game factory’s AGFPRO v2, and AGFPRO’s drone kombat DLC.

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'Sick Brick' Review - Perfectly Healthy | IGM

The FPS genre isn’t broken and doesn’t need to be fixed. New games add in new features and mechanics, but the core experience of “Run down the hallway and kill everything you see” still works. Sick Brick‘s developer, Misfitt Villager, is well aware of this and offers a classic shooting experience with a few modern bells and whistles for extra fun.

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Interview: Mladen Bosnjak / SickBrick

"I interview Mladen Bosnjak, the creator of SickBrick, his debut indie FPS game inspired by Portal. It might not be the best-looking game out there but it shows the amount of hard work it takes to develop a game with obligations getting in the way of development time and having a two-person team." - FirstDropShow.com

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