Controllers & Keyboards Episode 12

From the writers at "The Gamer Headlines", the comical podcast of Controllers & Keyboards releases another crazy episode about the latest video game news! From Call of Duty receiving 11 billion USA dollars to the fastest sold-out Amiibo record, these gaming enthusiasts discuss these topics quite briefly before moving on to the latest-games-played-this-week segment:

"Hyrule Warriors" with the Majora Mask DLC, a hack-and-slash hybrid of Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors; "Apotheon", a 2D action-platformer game inspired by Greek mythology; "Life is Strange", an episodic story-driven game with a butterfly effect; "Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones", hidden object puzzle adventure.

Finally, they also chat about the upcoming "Legend of Zelda": TV Show and make some predictions. Plus, what the hell is "Gandegorff"?

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Breath of the Wild Leads to 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Controller Adapter

The Nintendo Switch is unique in its ability to allow gamers to play the console in a number of different ways. Gamers can play it as a traditional console with the Joy-Con controllers fitted into a standard single controller. Users can use the controllers separately within each hand, as two users, or even attach them to the modular screen and make it a mobile gaming system. A largely unnoticed issued is the accessibility for gamers with the use of only one hand.

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Mechanical keyboards 101 Part 2a (Extra) – changing LED’s

SteamFirst: I really want to call this guide, but it’s really just another “extra” more than anything. I’ve never touched a keyboard’s PCB, and most certainly have never voided my warranty this hard. If you want to do this, feel free to use this video as a guide but let me assure you...

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Controllers & Keyboards: Memorable Gifts & Games Episode

For a laid-back discussion for the ear, the five members of Controllers & Keyboards share their stories about their memorable gifts & video games over the holidays! Toward the end, the hosts also guess some Christmas titles or games affiliated with Christmas.

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