The Division & Rainbow Six Siege - iRobot Gaming's 2015 Top Picks

The Division is not an MMO like most people believe. It is in fact an Online - Open World - RPG which seems the same but with some slight differences (1 of them being that you don't have to pay a monthly fee like all the MMO out there). You can play both alone and with 3 other players in co-op while on the main campaign against NPC's. You can encounter other players and add 1+ player to your squad as the drone with the companion app, on areas such as PVP and or social zones. Despite the fact it will be always online, you can still play alone and not go into the PVP or Social Zones.

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Rainbow Six Siege's Newest Operator Tubarão Is a Trans Man

While Ubisoft did not mention it yesterday during the big reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's next season Operation Deep Freeze, the new operator Tubarão is a trans man.

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Get over it. This shouldn’t annoy anyone. It’s just too small to even notice. Who actually reads the bios?

Murdability16d ago

Lololololol that’s right ubisoft. Burn it all down lololololol

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Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Announced; Beta Registration Starts Today

Ubisoft will be launching an official Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace soon, where players will be able to buy and sell skins between each other


Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze - New Operator, Map, AI Mode, and More

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