Predicting the 9 Biggest Reveals at E3 2015

Overmental: E3 2015 might still be four months away, but the rumors have already started flying. Some of these ideas are way too far out there to be accurate, and others are so boring they must be true. Somewhere in between though are a few possible announcements that I think might really shake things up at the expo this year.

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Garethvk1343d ago

Interesting timing on this. Usually it is done about April or May but when the muse strikes, go with it.

AngelicIceDiamond1342d ago

"Predicting the 9 Biggest Reveals at E3 2015"

Take out Black Ops 3 in the number 3 spot and put in another game we know that games will be at E3.

I would put Mass Effect 4 or Mirrors Edge in there.

breakpad1342d ago

E3 lost its edge the last 3-4 years ..specially Sony doesnt make big reveals in it and also they want to diminish its significance as PSexperience and other expos or conferences take helm ....there is no possibility to see PS4 slim so soon and probably one exclusive for each console will be enough nothing more

medman1342d ago

I really hope we see another epic bioware trailer for Mass Effect, like the Fight for the Lost trailer they did for ME2. I hope we see gameplay, but that is probably doubtful for E3 2015. Bioware has always had some stellar games and trailers...their trailers for The Old Republic remain among the best I have ever seen, for a game or a movie.

VforVideogames1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Or G.O.W.? am I the only one here?

Insomnia_841342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

GOW for Feb/March 2016 and TLOU2 for Sept/Oct 2016.

eaise1342d ago

The biggest reveals at E3 will be something that no one could ever guess. It'll be a huge surprise which is the reason it'll be the biggest reveal.
Also I highly doubt we will see any of the things on this list (new Nintendo console not gonna happen) but maybe one or two will actually be right

ashen1221342d ago

Haha at half-life 3.....TLG will be there tho 2016 release date

The7Reaper1342d ago

The only reveal that would make me happy is if Rockstar revealed Red Dead 3